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Jacoby Ford Q&A


WR Jacoby Ford makes a catch during practice. Photo by Tony Gonzales.

Q: How did you feel out there?

Ford: It felt good; it felt good to be back out there running around.

Q: Is this about how long you thought you would be out?

Ford: We just kind of played it day-by-day honestly. They kept asking me how I felt, and I was giving them positive feedback so they just said they would see what I could do and take it easy today and that's what I went out there and did.

Q: Did the fact that it wasn't a lower body injury kind of mean you could just go practice and just go?

Ford: Yeah it definitely was a good thing that I was able to keep my legs in shape. I'm thankful that it wasn't anything in my lower body, so I was able to stay in shape by running with Darren during practice and we were able to hit the ground running when we got back.

Q: Are there any issues with your hand when you catch the ball?

Ford: It felt fine; I didn't feel anything at all so that's definitely a good sign.

Q: Did you do any running and catching between the last practice and this one?

Ford: Yeah, I did some catching after practice last week, just to test out my hand.

Q: Do you feel like your hand is good enough to be able to catch any pass?

Ford: Yeah I'm good, anything that comes my way I'm able to catch it.

Q: Do you think returning punts is still a possibility?

Ford: I hope so. I definitely hope so. That's something that I love to do every now and then, but not all the time. But that is something I'm looking forward to if they give me the opportunity.

Q: Do you feel like the new kickoff rule hurts you in any way?

Ford: No, I don't think it does. I still see players returning the ball out of the end zone, so I just think of it as an opportunity to get longer returns.

Q: Do you feel like you will be more apt to return more kicks that go in the end zone rather than just down it in the end zone?

Ford: Yeah it was a little different before, but now even if it is kicked deep, you don't have the guys running at you with the full head of steam that they normally would, so the risk of bringing it out is a lot less.

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