Jets HC Todd Bowles: "I think they're playing better as a group"


Q: Anything jump off film when you look at the Raiders?

Coach Bowles:"Quarterback, big offensive line, receivers, big defensive line, [Charles] Woodson, linebackers. Pretty much a lot."

Q: You won against Derek Carr last year. What have you seen in terms of his growth and how is he better this year?

Coach Bowles:"I think they're playing better as a group. I think he's a lot more possessed this year. He's a lot more accurate. He can make every throw. He has more command of the offense. He's just playing great."


Q: What are your impressions of some of the Raiders rookies like Mario Edwards Jr. and Amari Cooper?**

Coach Bowles:"Mario was tough coming out of college and he's continued to do everything he's been doing in college. He's a tough player. That was a great pick there along with Khalil Mack and [Amari] Cooper, who's anything but a rookie. He runs all the routes and is explosive off the ball. He has great hands. Excellent route runner. He's very competitive."

Q: When the fourth and fifth draft picks came up, there was a lot of speculation on who the Raiders and Jets were going to take. What have you thought from Leonard Williams so far and what was your impression of Amari?

Coach Bowles:"We thought Amari was the best overall receiver. He's the most complete receiver coming out of there. We knew he could run all the routes and make all the catches. He was explosive off the ball, so he's as advertised. We like our pick in Leonard [Williams]. The fact that he was tough defensive lineman. He can go and move along and cross the line and play football. He's young, he has a lot of years ahead of him. He's learning some blocks right now, but he's explosive off the ball and we like him."


Q: How much change went into the defense? Is the defense similar or different?**

Coach Bowles:"It's a little different. We have some tweaks that get here and there. You learn every year you try to tweak it as you go. It's a little different."

Q: What are Ryan Fitzpatrick's strengths and what has he brought to your team?

Coach Bowles: "He brought leadership at a time when our quarterback went down. He's kind of steady the ship. He has good command of the offense. He understand what people are trying to do to him. He gets us in the right play call position. He makes some throws. He's a joy to be around."

Q: What are your thoughts when you see what Charles Woodson is doing at 39?

Coach Bowles:"It's unbelievable. At 39, doing what he does, he has to take great care of his body. He's a true professional. Hall of Famer waiting in the wings when he gets out of there. But right now he's ageless, it looks like he can play forever."

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