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Joey Clinkscales Talks Watson

On why they liked Menelik Watson: "Menelik is a kid who's very athletic. He's obviously a big kid that's played left tackle. He's athletic; he's been a boxer, a basketball player, but he had a lot of the physical qualities that we like in a player so that was the main reason." 

On what he projects Watson will be able to do at the NFL level: "We feel like he's got strength. Again, he's athletic. He's got the demeanor that we're looking for and he played at a high level in college so we're excited about that."

On how he will be used as a rookie and long-term: "That's up to the coaches. We feel like he'll come in and he'll compete. He's played a lot of positions before, but again, that's up to the coaches."

On if he sees Watson as a guy who can play and make an impact as a rookie: "I think he will. I think he will come in and he will play and he will compete. Now, whether that's as a starter or a backup is yet to be determined; again, that's up to the coaches. But we feel like the tangible factors that he has as far as his work ethic, his character, we feel like he will be able to come in and compete." 

On what fundamentals he will need to be taught before playing in the NFL: "Again, he played at a major university. I think from a technique standpoint he will need work, but he was coached pretty hard. If you know anything about Florida State football, the offensive line coach there, so he's been tutored well. We feel like he will be able to come in and adjust to the pro game pretty quickly and contribute."

On how he fits in to the new vision the Raiders organization is building: "First and foremost, he's the kind of player that we're looking for. Again, he's athletic, he's tough, he's committed, he's strong. He will come in and he will compete, whether it's at left tackle or right tackle or guard, wherever it may be. He will help us build this thing the way we want to get it built."

On if he grades prospects down if they are 24-25 years old: "Very little; we kind of take them as they come. He's played in junior college, went to Saddleback, played two years at Florida State and, again, we're excited about the player and he's excited to be here."

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