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Josh Jacobs to star in Super Bowl ad giving advice to his younger self

Last season, Raiders running back Josh Jacobs piqued the interest of fans when he said Hollywood was interested in his life story. This Sunday, at least a portion of that story will make it to the small screen on Super Bowl Sunday.

Jacobs, who notably grew up food insecure and spent time sleeping in a car during his youth, is the subject of an ad featuring his younger self. On the streets of Tulsa, Okla., Jacobs cruises through his hometown and imagines what advice he'd give to a young Josh, and what he'd equip him with to fight through the adversity that surrounded him.

In a series of five tweets, Jacobs shared what he'd say to provide guidance to his younger self.

Jacobs has remained humble despite all the praise he's earned this year, but that's who he is. He learned a lot from his father as a kid, a man who sacrificed everything to provide for his son and his siblings. Now, he's made it through the struggles he faced as a child and showed his father gratitude by buying him a house.

From the cracked pavement of Tulsa to the NFL, Jacobs story is unique, and the next chapter is just beginning.

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