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Jylan Ware: "I'm Willing To Do Whatever They Need"


Q: Did you have any contact with the Raiders leading up to the draft?

Ware:"I had one of those top 30 visits going on to the Raiders. I know I talked to a couple of scouts during the season, but that was all my experience that I had with them."

Q: When you had the visit out here, did you think it was a possibility that you would come here?

Ware:"Everybody seemed to be really supportive. Everybody seemed to be really behind me when I was there. I had my mind out to it. So yes, it did seem like a possibility."

**Q: Do you have any idea why you jumped on the draft radar late?


Ware:"I would say maybe because I had a bigger platform, you know all-star games and pro day and everything I was doing at the time. I think that's pretty much it. I just had a bigger stage because you know Alabama State isn't the biggest school."

Q: Did you put on weight since Alabama State? What are you at right now?

Ware:"Yeah, I put on a little weight toward the end. I'm around 315 right now, 310, 315."

Q: Have the Raiders talked with you about the size they'd like you to get up to?

Ware:"Not really. They told me I was at pretty good weight where I'm at now. So, that's where I kind of stayed. If they say anything differently, I'm willing to do whatever they need."

Q: Were you lighter than you usually are at the combine?

Ware:"I wasn't invited at the combine. I was a little heavier at my pro day. I was told to put on a little bit of weight by certain teams so I did."

Q: Mike Mayock referred to you as a 310-pound dancing bear. What do you think of that description?

Ware:"I think that's an interesting description. A lot of people have said I'm very big and I am very athletic. I am able to move a little better than a lot of people my size, so I can see why he drew that comparison."

Q: Did you have scholarship offers in basketball, too?

Ware:"A couple of teams were talking about it. Not full on like, 'We're going to offer you a scholarship.' A lot of teams were talking to me about basketball scholarships and other sports."

Q: Was it a tough decision picking football over basketball?

Ware:"Oh no, it was an easy decision. Football is what I wanted to do, always what I wanted to do. Other sports were kind of just for fun."

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