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Kamerion Wimbley Media Session


Q: Is that how you feel, like your still proving yourself?

Wimbley: Definitely, the new contract has to be earned, so I look forward to the opportunity to go out and play and earn every bit of the contract.

Q: What clicked for you here do you think? You did some good things in Cleveland, but they wound up trading you for a third round draft pick? I'm sure they liked what you did but they decided to move on without you. Things obviously clicked here for you?

Wimbley: Well, I just like the atmosphere here, I mean I love the players here, I think we've got a nice young core of linebackers that are energetic and can play well, very talented, of course. Rolando, Quentin and I, so I just think also having a great defensive line has helped as well. You're not the focal point of every offense, to try to stop you they can't just stop me there are so many different ways we can attack the offense, Richard Seymour, Matt Shaughnessy, all of those guys did a phenomenal job last year of getting to the quarterback, Tommy Kelly included. So we have a number of weapons we can use, we have a number weapons in the arsenal that are effective.

Q: Do you fit better at that nickel rusher position, it seemed really suited to you?  You flourished in it, did you get to do that that much in Cleveland or where you on your feet more as a 3-4 outside?

Wimbley: Well there were some times when I was down, I think this past year I had a nice opportunity to get after the quarterback a little bit more in the nickel situation and like I said we have so much talent on the line, it allowed me the opportunity to work with some of those guys. I have had more sacks than I've had in the previous couple of years.

Q: Do you see more out there, do you see yourself improving still and you still think you have room to grow?

Wimbley: Definitely, there are so many areas I feel like I can get better in, I'm working on that every day and I'm just taking it one day at a time. I am going in and watching film and making corrections and coming back out here and working on that, and trying to perfect the craft daily.

Q: What is it about this team that made you want to stay, beyond obviously they gave you a nice contract, but in terms of the team and what's going on here that made you want to sign the long term deal?

Wimbley: Well, I believe this organization is heading in the right direction, like I said we have a talented roster, we have a coach that I think a lot of the players believe in. He's very energetic, I played against him when he was at Baltimore, and he was the offensive coordinator when I was in Cleveland. I think he's a promising coach, so I look forward to working with him and like I said the other guys that are on the team here.

Q: You guys pretty much other then Nnamdi have potentially the whole defense back from last year, how good can this defense be?

Wimbley: I think we can be as good as we want to be. I think we definitely have some work to do and that's what we're doing here now, but I think we have great potential, we just have to go out there on Sunday and put together the game plan and run it effectively and efficiently, and get the job done.

Q: How can you develop some more consistency, you had some real dominating performances last year, how can you get to that point your doing that week in and week out?

Wimbley: Well, like I said, I think it just takes practice and as I've grown in the league. I think I've learned a little bit more each and every year so I think it give me the chance to go out and be more consistent this year and the years to come.

Q: Now that you've seen yourself perform at a high level, do some of the younger guys gravitate toward you and look to you for leadership?

Wimbley: I think so, it's good to have some of the guys come up and ask questions about some of the things I've already been through. For me to have the opportunity to teach them and see them take that and use it and it be helpful for them.

Q: Was it any kind of adjustment for you last year, was it tough at all when you came in you were asked to do different things than in the past, was there a point in time when you were kind of wondering how you were going to do or did you pretty much come in and hit the ground running?

Wimbley: I think the biggest thing whenever you're coming into a new system is probably the terminology, so just learning the terminology and getting that down was kind of the challenge in coming here. It doesn't take that long to pick that up, and just being use to the guys that your are playing with and being able to communicate with them, but once all of that got squared away, I think we got better as the season progressed.

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