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King is Turned Up for Camp


Photo by Tony Gonzales

Q: What makes it different?

King:"Just having all the key players that we have, and bringing in a lot of new players that have played in the Super Bowl before. They have somebody older that can come out and keep us calm."

Q: This year has to feel different, you come in and you're the guy at the punter position. That has to make you feel pretty good.

King:"I don't really look at it like I'm the guy. I look at it like I'm trying to earn it still. I've been working on my directional [punting] a lot more.  I feel real good about it this year."

Q: You're saying that your directional is even at a better place now than it was at the end of last season?

King:"A lot better. I've been working on it. I've had a chance to work with other NFL punters. Thomas Morstead from New Orleans, Tim Masthay from Green Bay, getting a chance to get advice from veterans like them helped me with technical stuff and how to handle myself in certain situations. They've helped me out a lot."

Q: You talk about having older guys here to help keep you guys calm, having so many more experienced guys, have you noticed a difference in the vibe of the offseason?

King:"The big difference from when I first came, this year you can really just see people grinding, really trying to go out and work.  Everybody's mindset is, 'okay, they're trying to bring somebody in that's better than me, so I need to step my game up and work harder.'"

Q: More accountability?

King:"Yeah. People are working hard. They don't want to get replaced."

Q: Last year there was a lot of talk about the chemistry between you and Sebastian [Janikowski], has that maybe developed over this offseason?

King:"Yeah, we've talked a few times. I've been working on my holding. Things are going to be good between us; we just needed more time with each other. This is a new year, so I'm really looking forward to what's going on this season."

Q: You feel like he now has a comfort level with you, so maybe he'll bounce back from last year?

King:"I know so."

Q: What was the big issue?

King:"I don't really remember. I try to keep focused on what's coming up next."

Q: He said it was a trust issue situation last year, because having [Shane] Lechler for so many years, and now he has a new holder who's not doing anything necessarily wrong, just differently, did he say anything of that nature to you during the season last year?

King:"I don't remember. I have a bad memory."

Q: How was your offseason? You took some batting practice, you did a bunch of cool stuff, was it a point to clear your mind and try some new things?

King:"Yeah. I had a lot of fun doing a lot of different things. You have to get away from football or you'll drive yourself crazy, just like you all have to get away from your jobs sometimes. I had a lot of fun. I had to get away from it a little bit, but I stayed grinding, made sure I posted videos to let fans know what I'm doing."

Q: Fans love you; they say you're the hype man of the team.

King: "Hey man, turn up!"

Q: What's it been like this year? You have a year under your belt and you don't have to worry about proving yourself.

King:"I still feel like I have to prove myself, but it is a comfort level to where it's not like I don't know what's going on. I'm a little more comfortable on the field now. I know what's going on."

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