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Lamarcus Joyner hosts reddit AMA

From knasty662: Hey Lamarcus, who do you think is the most underrated player in our secondary? Also, have you seen Isaiah Johnson's face - what happened to him? Wishing you a healthy and productive season my dude!

Lamarcus Joyner: Most underrated player in the secondary. Man, that is tough as s---. I don't wanna hurt nobody's feelings. Truthfully? I think Karl Joseph. I think he's never been surrounded with a bunch of teammates like he has now to excel. I think everything's been tough for him just because of the guys he had, and the situation he came into. I think a lot of people forgot how good he is. Big year for Karl, for sure.

From: MrPlutoNash

What music are you gonna be blaring before games?

LJ: I'm down for hip-hop, rock 'n' roll… I just throw a mix on. I don't have no rituals.

From raiderspeed: Yo, Lamarcus! Al Davis is gone but his fire still burns inside all of us in the nation....that being said, what's ur current 40 time and who's the fastest player on the team?



LJ:*laughs* Rico Gafford. It's Rico for sure. Rico is faaaaaaast.

From Gerbil Rocket: Would love to hear about the similarities and differences between Gruden and McVay as his coaches

LJ: I think they're very similar in that they're both players coaches, but I think where they differ is that Coach Gruden brings that old-school swag, while Sean brings the new school. You look at Sean like a brother; you look at Coach Gruden as a father, a godfather, a grandfather. You know what I'm saying? Like you feel like you can't let him down. With Coach McVay, you know he takes care of his guys, but he's like a brother outside of football.

From JamianX: What's your favorite movie?

LJ: The Godfather. Godfather Part II is just as good. Part III? They could've kept that in Hollywood.

From camdino55: Lamarcus, do you feel like the training camp this year has had a different feel than other camps? How have you liked Coach Gruden's coaching style? Whose your best buddy on the team right now? Rooting for you this year!

LJ: It was fun. It didn't feel like camp. It didn't feel like it was a pointless couple of weeks. It was fun, and we had a good time together as brothers.

People are gonna think I'm BSing if I say Karl, but it's Karl.

From imack52: We keep hearing about how good isaiah johnson looked in camp but unfortunately, he was injured in the preseason. What have you seen in his ability and development so far?

LJ: Isaiah's gonna be special. He's gonna be a focal point and a foundation piece of this organization someday.

From the-earthworm: Hey lamarcus, what would you say is the biggest challenge for the 2019 oakland raiders? And how do you think we can overcome?

LJ: Remembering where we started. Remembering the negativity that people said about us. Because it's so easy when you start winning, people blowing smoke up your butt, and you fall into the trap that every team, every individual falls into. We just gotta remember what got us to what we're gonna be doing this year, which is winning football games. We just have to stick to each other. We all we got, we all we need.

From Lordoftacojuice: How's it going Lamarcus, do you prefer playing in the slot or playing as a safety? Does your responsibilities in the defense change drastically?

LJ: Slot. It's fun. Safety, sometimes it can be hit-or-miss. Some games may be action-packed, some games you may get no action at all, especially as a centerfielder. I feel like slot, you're in the run game, you can play man-to-man, you're always around the ball. Just the way the prototypical NFL offenses are, they try to attack the slot. It's absolutely easier to get into the flow of the game when you're playing there.

From reddit user: Coming from a Super Bowl caliber team last year, how does this team feel in comparison? From players, to coaches, to off season activities, etc.?

LJ: I got a good feeling here that I had there. So I think guys have to believe. If there's one thing we have to do, it's believe. Believe in each other. Because that's where it starts.

From reddit user: what's your favorite cartoon?

LJ: Bugs Bunny and Looney Tunes. I like Space Jam, but I like the old-school stuff more.

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