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Latavius Murray Media Session

Q: You looked pretty comfortable out there today. Do you feel comfortable?

Murray: Yeah, its football to me, so whatever my assignments are I just go out there and play football.

Q: Where you seemed to have really stood out was as a pass receiver. Is that going to be a big part of your game? Scouts were talking to you when you were looking at the next level that that would be a big thing for you.

Murray: Yeah, I just know that's a kind of a bonus that I bring to the table, a strength of mine. I just got to make sure that I just go out there and make sure it's something I'm comfortable with doing, which it is, and just bring it to the field every day.

Q: It seems to look you do everything out there pretty well — hands, lock in, catching, running — is there anything that you think you have to work on?

Murray: Overall, I just got to get better as a player. I have to come out here and get better every day. Just work on the little things. I think there's always room to improve. That's my focus every day we come out here.

Q: How would you describe your style as a runner? Are you different than Darren [McFadden] or are there some similarities in your style?

Murray: Well, I think with just my size and speed, we have some similarities, but, for me, I just try to run downhill, get tough yards with my size and when it's time to get outside, use my speed if I can.

Q: How do you feel like your game translates from Central Florida here to the Raiders and the National Football League?

Murray: Just the fact that I come from a pro-style offense, it's a lot easier for me than some other guys who run that hurry-up offense. I think I'm able to take what we do in the meeting rooms and be able to come out here and perform well. I think that's the most important as long as you can play without thinking you can play fast.

Q: How excited are you to go from college to the pros and take the next step in your career and do it here with the Raiders?

Murray: I'm very excited. It's been a dream of mine since I've been a little kid. So just to be able to have this opportunity, I'm thrilled and excited.

Q: When you first got a look at the playbook and knew what exactly they wanted you to be running this weekend, was it daunting? Was it like, 'this ain't that bad?' What exactly did you think?

Murray: It's a lot more installation going in and quicker, but at the same time, just different wording but kind of all the same things that you might have did. For me, I did in college, so just converting the terminology and just being able to go out and perform on the field.

Q: You looking forward to the whole different mindset of no more classes, this is your job; this is the only thing you're responsible for?

Murray: It's funny you said that just because when we're done with practice you think, 'oh I got class after this,' but no class, get back in the meeting room and eat some dinner or lunch and get back out for the walk-through later again.

Q: Along the same lines, how's the last 72 hours been for you, flying across country, and you go through the photo shoot and now your first practices?

Murray: It's been just everything after the next, but I'm just trying to take everything in. Like I said, take everything I get in the meetings and perform on the field and making sure I'm just getting my sleep at night just to be ready to come out here each day.

Q: Do you have any, like, expectations or goals for playing time at this point?

Murray: No, I just know if I go out there and just do my job and do whatever they ask, I think all of that will come.

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