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Linebacker Marquel Lee: "Stay Focused, Don't Let Up And Just Give It Your All."


Linebacker Marquel Lee

During the 2017 NFL Draft, the Oakland Raiders addressed many positions on defense. While they took a variety of defensive backs, the team also selected Wake Forest linebacker Marquel Lee in the fifth-round (No. 168 overall) to add another presence in the middle of the field.

Lee reported to the team's Napa Valley Training Complex on Sunday to participate in the four-day pre camp, and had his first media session of training camp Friday with several members of the local media.

Here are the quick hits from his time at the podium:

Q: I know you start practice tomorrow but what has this whole week been like for you?

Lee: "Just prepping, getting ready for the real thing. Rookies going over basic stuff defensive-wise, offensive-wise, special teams. Getting into the swing of things and practicing again."

Q: Is there a lot of overlap from the spring?

Lee: "Yeah, I would say so. Getting back from that month off and getting into the swing of things. Getting in with the guys and having chemistry again, playing with each other again and things like that."

Q: I'm sure you stayed in your play book over that six weeks break, does it feel like you are picking up where you left off?

Lee: "Yeah, coach preached that we weren't starting over when we came back, that we were picking up where we left off and advance and get ready for the season."

**Q: What's your mindset coming in with no clear starting for linebacker, do you come in with expectations getting that starting role, do you come in saying I just want to make the team?


Lee: "I feel like its mixed emotions. Of course I would love to get that starting position but I'm here to compete, I'm here to earn the spot just come in, compete, make myself better and make the team better."

Q: Do you feel better knowing this team has that funk behind it, that they are in the playoffs now? This used to be a team no one wanted to come to and now the expectations are different. When you were drafted, were you like, "Yeah now I'm going to a team that's established."

Lee: "Yeah, definitely. I felt energized and felt good coming into this situation and organization. Having watching the playoffs last year made me excited about this year and what's to come."

Q: What do you expect for training camp?

Lee: "The grind, that's all I've been told by the guys in the league. Just to grind and stay constantly in your playbook, stay focused, don't let up and just give it your all."

Q: I know it's early, but is there a mentor for you, has someone pulled you aside and made that connection yet?

Lee:"It's a little early. I haven't made that connection yet but I'm sure it will happen throughout camp. We have a lot of guys who are veteran guys who I've looked up to when I was playing, Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin. I'm looking forward to working with those guys and getting better with them."

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