Looking Back At The Combine

"I'm just so excited for him, and really the future, and what he brings to the table." -* Rich Gannon*

"I was just so proud of him to go wire-to-wire last year for the Raiders. He's taking shots in the chin, he's getting knocked out, but he's bouncing right back up, and he's learning and he's mitigating the mistakes." - George Whitfield

"They're getting a tremendous, tremendous leader. Just one of my favorites of all-time." - Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll

"I know from the perspective of the Raiders, [Head Coach Jack] Del Rio is the guy they wanted. He has the experience. He's had success in Jacksonville, the question is, what can you do going forward." - Mike Florio

"Playing with Derek [Carr] for three years, nothing surprises me. He makes all the throws. He has crazy arm strength. He's a great leader, and even better person." - Fresno State WR Josh Harper

"I think the term player's coach is used an awful lot, but I really think player's coach speaks to relatability. When he [Coach Del Rio] sits down next to you in the room, they think this guy, he may not be one of us, but he is among us." - George Whitfield

"I've got great respect for his body of work, and I think he will bring some toughness and some accountability to that locker room. I think the players will really respond to his leadership." - Rich Gannon



"He's one of the most relentless competitors you'll ever find." - Falcons Head Coach Dan Quinn



"I think they've turned the team around. I think Del Rio is a great, great addition for the staff." - Gil Brandt

"I think they're in good hands. I like this coaching staff. I think the defense will be better." -* Adam Caplan*

"Khalil Mack has come in and been everything that they wanted. Solid on the edge. Solid against the run." - Bucky Brooks

"They're getting an extremely tough, passionate football man." - Seahawks GM John Schneider

"I think he's a perfect Raiders coach. He commands presence." - Mike Klis

"He has all the tools you're looking for. He's a good decision-maker. He can get the ball out quick. He has great arm strength." - Mark Dominik

"He's [Marquette King] one of the best punters in the NFL, and he gets to be the teammate of another legend in Sebastian Janikowski." - Colts P Pat McAfee

"He [Charles Woodson] was my favorite player of all-time. I wore number two [in college]." - Ryan Clark

"I think he [Reggie McKenzie] did a great job putting the team in position to where it could become competitive." - Bill Polian



"The biggest thing I'm fired up about, aside from assembling a really tremendous staff, is what we've been able to do with our building." - Raiders Head Coach Jack Del Rio

"I just think it's a great opportunity right now, I think based on the way it's all come together, it's a real blessing." - Raiders Head Coach Jack Del Rio

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