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Mack Hungry for Success


Q: How close were you in college to [Chargers RB] Branden Oliver?**

Mack:"Bo [Oliver]? Me and Bo came in on the same visit. We were roommates for three years and we're pretty close. That's my dog."

Q: So you saw what he did against the Jets?


Q: Your thoughts?

Mack:"I texted him after that and let him know he did a good job, great job."

Q: You weren't surprised?

Mack:"No. I wasn't surprised at all."

Q: Can you talk about that, just seeing what he did in college? You practiced against him a lot so I'm sure you knew what he was capable of.

Mack:"Exactly. I let everybody know during the draft process that he was one of the best running backs that I've played against, even though it was practice."

Q: Have you talked any trash this week?

Mack:"Yeah, a little bit."

Q: What did you tell him?

Mack:"I told him a little something. We're going to keep it between us."

Q: You're not going to let him run over 100 [yards] on you, are you?

Mack:"I mean, there was a little bit of that in there too. Yeah, we talked."

Q: Have you helped on the scouting report at all?

Mack:"Just a little bit. I feel like everybody can see that we have to contain him."

Q: Antonio Gates compared him to [Darren] Sproles, but said he's more powerful. What do you think about that?

Mack:"I mean, that's very accurate. He's a wiggle guy, but don't be surprised when he lowers his shoulder."

Q: Can you just describe his style?

Mack:"His style? He can play any type of style, that's what makes him one of the best that I played against. He can be physical, a bruiser on third down and one, but even then, yeah, we're going to be ready for him."

Q: You haven't recorded your first NFL sack yet, how hungry are you to get one?

Mack:"Super, super, super hungry. Super hungry. We can leave it at that."

Q: How close do you think you are?

Mack:"We'll see. We'll see; I'm still itching. We'll see. I can talk, but I have to do it."

Q: How has the coaching transition been for you?

Mack:"It's cool. Certain things you have to leave in the past and I'm just looking forward to playing San Diego."

Q: Can you speak to just the opportunity for a fresh start now, for everybody?

Mack:"Yeah, that's the thing. It's a fresh start, starting new, forgetting those last four games and getting ready to climb this mountain."

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