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Mack Ready to Face "Great Competition"


Q: You mentioned you were trying to work on your hands, you were working against yourself, how have you developed in the last few weeks? **

Mack:"Oh man, it's coming along, it's coming along. That's the words I can use for that. It's coming along, man. I'm going to really put them to the test on Friday too, and see what I can do."

Q: You see a guy like Teddy Bridgewater with his mobility and everything, what's it going to be like to chase down a guy like that?

Mack:"He's a great player. I'm looking forward to playing against great competition. That's what this game is all about. That's what its about being a competitor. He's a great competitor. He's mobile. He has great arms and what not. I look forward to going against him and whoever else." 



]( Is it any different psyching yourself for maybe only a few plays, versus you know you're going to be going for a whole game. Is that going to be any different mentally for you?

Mack:"Not at all, same approach. Same mindset. Go out and be prepared, and know the task at hand, and that's to go out and make plays."

Q: As you go along in the different steps in your development, the first time you're in an OTA, the first time you're in a mandatory mini camp with all of them, now the first time you will play in an actual game. Is it elevating in excitement each time you do?

Mack:"You could say it's elevating in excitement, but even then it's still football. It's still football, it's the same game. You put on the pads when you're 7 at Pop Warner, you get that same feeling in your gut, as soon as you hit that first person. It's the same game all over again. It's the same key feeling, no matter what level, no matter what.

Q: You're challenging yourself every day. How much better are you as a player right now than when you stepped on the field say 13 days ago?

Mack:"We'll be able to see. We'll be able to see Friday."  

Q: You don't know yet?

Mack:"We'll be able to see Friday. We'll be able to see Friday.  I can't tell you what kind of a player I am, or what kind of player I'm going to be, but I can show you."

Q: Would you say it's more like you're just not a talker?

Mack:"No doubt. And that's the thing. This is a lot of talking, but this level of play, I'm not a talker too. I'm not a talker. I like a lot the action man, I like to go out and play football and show you what I can do instead of tell you."

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