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Marcel Reece Media Session

Q: What's new?

Reece: OTAs.

Q: How's it going?

Reece: Great. I had a good first day. Looking forward to tomorrow though.

Q: You almost need name tags out there with this new group there's so many new players…

Reece: Very true. It was good. It was interesting to see all the new faces on defense. Up to this point, we've all been pretty separate as far as offense and defense goes, so it was pretty cool to see everybody running around. The new guys get after it a little bit, break a sweat.

Q: When you have this many new guys too, there's a lot of open positions…

Reece: Every position is open, really, unless your name is Darren McFadden. But other than that, every position is open, so it's always good to see everybody get after and have some competition.

Q: You've been here before like a lot of these new guys competing for a spot. It seems like this is probably the first time in your career you're really one of the few veteran players that these young guys can speak to. How does that feel?

Reece: It doesn't necessarily feel like the first time. It's definitely a different feeling though because when you look at it, besides Sebastian [Janikowski], Darren, myself and Tyvon are the longest tenured guys in the Silver and Black. It's definitely a different feel as far as you don't have the Tommy Kellys, the Shane Lechlers here anymore. It's definitely a different feeling for us, but it's a role, a leadership role, that we're looking to embrace and have fun with.

Q: How did Matt Flynn look?

Reece: Matt's been looking great. He's made every throw on the football field thus far and we're really excited about him.

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