Marquette King Joins the Oakland A's For Spring Training


Marquette King is not your ordinary punter.

Everyone is familiar with No. 7's antics on social media, as he's established himself as one of the funnier NFL players in the league. It's hard to deny this; the man is clever. While the Oakland Raiders special teamer is known for his impressive boot, he recently decided to take a break from punting footballs, and do his best Russell Wilson impersonation – Wilson was selected by the Texas Rangers in the MLB Rule 5 Draft in 2013 – as he spent time with the Oakland A's during spring training.

During the offseason, King spends time at his home in Scottsdale, Ariz., not too far from the A's spring training headquarters in Mesa. Sunday, the "Kick Squad" President stopped by to mingle with members of the A's, and test his ability at a different sport. Before fully submerging himself, King took a few pointers on form, and got some reps in on the tee.

From there, King took the field to throw out the honorary first pitch, and to his credit delivered a pitch down the middle – it brings me joy to see professional athletes struggle to throw the first pitch - but he passed the test.

Following an A's 7-2 victory over the Chicago Cubs on Sunday, King was back for more Monday, this time suiting up in a full A's uniform. From the stirrups to the cap, the Georgia-native participated in warm-ups, fielding pop flies, and testing out his arm.

I'm not sure there's a future in baseball for King, but if there is, I'd prefer if he stuck to playing football.

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