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Marshall Newhouse: "It's Going To Start With The Fronts On Both Sides"


Offensive lineman Marshall Newhouse

Day Two is complete.

The Oakland Raiders were back in action Sunday afternoon to participate in some 11-on-11 drills, and keep striving to improve. During free agency, the Silver and Black acquired offensive lineman Marshall Newhouse, who met with the media following practice to discuss his immersion into the team.

Check out the quick hits from his presser:

Through his first two days of training camp, Newhouse talked about playing left tackle, and his comfortability with the position.

"I've had a lot of reps at left tackle, it's just something I played in college and that flipping, which is normally not an easy thing to do, has been more comfortable because I've done it so much."

He broke down how flipping sides of the offensive line requires both mental and physical adjustments.

"It's both. It's physical, you know, you've got your hips and your hands, and the set is different, but it's mental. You're basically flipping all the plays, you have a different feel for the quarterback. One side is blindside, one side is not, so both sides are important. There's good rushers on both sides, but there's some physical differences, and a little bit of mental too."

Newhouse reflected on the competition level and how it'll ramp up as the team puts the pads on.

"You can just tell today how it ramped up a little bit, and the physicality is going to be even more. You're going to hear them [the pads] popping, I mean guys are definitely eager to put our best foot forward. We've got a lot to prove this season, a lot of expectations to live up to, so it's going to start with the fronts on both sides of the ball, and I think we're absolutely ready for it."

Oakland Raiders players and coaches on the field for the first official day of training camp.

After playing with quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Eli Manning, he believes Derek Carr on his way to the upper echelon of NFL signal-callers.

"He's on it, man. He's playing at his highest level. Outside of the spring I've seen him on film, but he's even more impressive in person and in practice. He leads, he expects a lot out of us, and he shows up. I'm looking forward to playing with him, and seeing what kind of crazy things he can do this year."

Newhouse shared what it's like going up against reigning AP Defensive Player of the Year Khalil Mack.

"I'm excited, man. He's like again, echelon, he's up there, if not the best in the game right now. It's only going to make me better, and I hope I can challenge him and make him better, as well. It's going to be fun, really physical, but it's going to get us both ready for Tennessee."

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