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Matt Flynn Chats with the Media

Q: Coach Allen thought that you guys looked like you guys had four days off today. Did you have the same feeling about practice today?

Flynn: Yeah, I think we all did. I don't think any of us were pleased with how any of us did today. Offensively we have got to be better. I think overall if you talk about last week, I think we made some good strides last week, but today was unacceptable a little bit. We need a bit better energy, better execution. We were throwing a lot of new stuff in there and first time you are in the red zone it's always a little bit difficult, you know first time together and everything like that. With that being said, I have got to be better and we have got to be sharper as a group and whole.

Q: Last time we talked to you was maybe Charles Woodson would come here so you were choosing your words a little carefully because he wasn't here yet, although maybe you knew, I don't know. Now that he's here, what does he bring here?

Flynn: I was extremely excited as I'm sure you guys were when I heard that we signed him because I have experience with him. When I was behind Aaron [Rodgers] I was the scout team guy every day in practice so I got to throw against him and know what he can do and what he brings to the table. He is extremely smart, most of the time he knows the offensive concepts better than the offense does. He has seen everything there is to see when it comes to route concepts and what people try to attack him with. And so that's kind of what he brings. He brings a leadership, a little bit of swagger and we are extremely blessed to able to get him here.

Q: I mean just that part of it, just kind of the way he carries himself in the locker room, is there maybe, outside of Ray Lewis who is retired now, is there another guy in this league that has as much credibility throughout the league as he does?

Flynn: You know, I'm not sure. I think there are some guys out there, definitely a lot of those older guys, but he definitely has it, and he has my respect just because what I've seen him say to the team in Green Bay, what I've seen him bring to the table with leadership. Like I said, I'm a little more excited probably than some of the guys who don't know him a lot, who don't know him real well.

Q: What have you guys heard about DJ Hayden?

Flynn: You know that's the first thing I've heard about anything today. I just heard that he was out. Haven't heard anything, don't know what's going on, and that's something that they are going to look at I'm sure, but I have no idea.

Q: He had a minor procedure to remove scar tissue from his abdomen.

Flynn: Oh did he really? That's unfortunate.

Q: Was he looking good before? Was he struggling?

Flynn: I'm not real sure. I was kind of so focused on what my guys were doing, what I was doing, I didn't really notice too much. But thoughts and prayers with him.

Q: To what degree are you guys implementing any of the good habits, the good training methods that you guys used in used in Green Bay down here?

Flynn: Well I think definitely what we are trying to do right now is have high energy. Try to get in as many plays as we can.  Have good energy from the beginning of practice to the end, and I think that forms good practice habits, that forms a good mentality to go out there you have to sharp. You have to be sharp on everything that you do when you are hustling around and getting from drill to drill. I think the mentality that I would like everyone to have is expect to win. Every time you run a play, every time you play a game, expect to win. Don't accept losing and I think if you can form that mentality of expecting to win and knowing you are going to win, then good things happen and stuff starts to happen.

Q: What do you think of [offensive coordinator Greg] Olson's offense so far, does it suit your talent skills?

Flynn: Yeah, I really like the offense. He's done a lot of things. I've been watching a lot of his offenses the past few years and I like what I see and I like what we are doing. We definitely have to get in more of a rhythm with what is happening. There are a lot of shifts and motions going on so we have got to definitely get sharper and get lined up and get into the right spots and run the right routes against the right coverages. There is a lot of stuff going through everyone's head right now and we have got to get that better so we can start taking steps to execute better.

Q: How would you assess the quarterback competition so far? 

Flynn: I think we are all learning; we are all progressing. Like I said before, I don't look at it as I'm competing with Terrelle [Pryor] or Tyler [Wilson]; I have to compete with myself first. I can't control what anybody else does. I can't control if someone goes out there and throws a touchdown. I can't go out in the next play and try to force it down the field just to match somebody. Got to play within the system, play within myself and know what I do well, and just take it from there.

Q: Is this team being underrated right now? I know it's way early in the off-season.

Flynn: I don't know what is being said outside of these walls, but I think if people are doubting us then I definitely think we are going to be underrated. I think that we have a lot of talent here and the attitude in building, the attitude the locker room, on the field, it's really good right now. I think if we just keep on building, keep doing the little things right, learn what we are supposed to do then we can start really growing and turning some heads.

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