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Matt Flynn Talks Mini-Camp

Q: So it was a little more intense today?

Flynn: More intense? It was definitely more plays today. I think it was a day where it was fun to kind of go out and have an entire practice and have a little bit more reps, doing different situations and stuff like that. More intense, I don't know, but it was definitely more plays, more repetitions and stuff like that.

Q: How comfortable would you say you are at this point with the playbook?

Flynn: I feel very comfortable. I feel like I know the playbook. I feel like I have a very good comfortability with it, getting the eyes in the right spots, making the play call in the huddle, seeing the defenses, knowing where to go. Now it's just about formulating that timing, formulating that chemistry with all the guys around. Right now, playbook-wise I feel good.

Q: Coach talked about problems with consistency. Is that just the basis of this time of year, new guys, new system, getting to work together?

Flynn: Absolutely, each and every day we are going to want to come out and complete every pass and throw 10 touchdowns but realistically right now every one is still learning, everyone is learning each other, everyone is learning a new playbook. Things are coming. Things are formulating, but we have a long time until game one. I've seen a lot of improvement just in the little nuances of what guys are doing, how guys are speaking, why guys are doing something in a route concept, or understanding the concepts a lot better. As an offense I think we are growing. We still have a lot of work to do and that's something we all know and we are all striving to do. There are guys putting in a lot of hours around this place right now trying to get there. We got a lot of work to do and we are going to keep doing it.

Q: For a lot of the guys who have been around, it's their third offense in three years. Contrasted with Green Bay, when you have the same one over and over, what is the difference like when you finally have a system in place and it just starts taking over?

Flynn: Right, in my experience, my rookie year in Green Bay and it was Aaron's first year as a starter, and I just saw each and every year how much more comfortable everyone was with each other. I mean they have had the same quarterback, pretty much the same receivers, for four or five years now. I'm sure their OTAs and things like that look a lot different just because they know everything, and now they are just working on different things. What we are doing, we are starting with a new offense, everybody is learning it and we are getting there, and we are making more plays than we were in week one. We are feeling more comfortable and it's just one of those things that everyone has got to buy in, everyone has got to buy into the system, to what we are doing, the concepts we are doing. From what I'm seeing I am impressed by how much mental work everyone is putting in and how much everyone is believing right now.

Q: You've talked about the improvements you've seen over the past month or so. Where have you seen improvements?

Flynn: Kind of like I said, of guys understanding the concepts and why we are doing things, why we are motioning here and running this route and breaking it off against cover two or cover three rather than just keeping it out. Learning some of those nuances and also improvement in communication with myself and the linemen. The communication at the line is a lot faster. We are getting a lot more adjustments done in that regard, and just timing with the receivers. We're starting to form that bond. We're starting to form that chemistry. We still have a little ways to go but it's starting to come. It's starting to get there and I think everyone is just feeling more comfortable with each other in the locker room, speaking with each other, going over Xs and Os, and out on the field.

Q: You had a couple of back-to-back throws where they weren't pretty throws at all, but the first one Marcel Reece jumped up and caught and got a big gain, and the next one I think Denarius Moore jumped up and got a big gain. If it's in practice and you make those throws do think, 'hey I completed the pass that's all good,' or are you thinking, 'I've got to throw a better pass?'

Flynn: I'm a perfectionist. What I want to do is I want to make the perfect throw all the time and do that but I also have to understand that I'm going to have some guys out there that are playmakers and have good body control and I don't want to do anything where if I'm throwing it down the field or throwing it out of bounds or out in front of them, I want to give them a chance to make the play. Sometimes when it comes out bad it's not always because I had feet set and had the perfect everything, sometimes you just got to throw it off balance or whatever you got to do. But the bottom line was they made the play. Me, myself personally, you want to make it perfect, that perfect tight spiral and everything, but I didn't even see how it came out. But we got the completion, but it's something that we have to work. I don't think anything we do out here we are going to be satisfied with right now because we see what we can be as an offense and we see the strides that can be made and what's out in front of us, so we are excited about that.

Q: What do you think some of your improvements have been?

Flynn: Just the relationships with the guys, the chemistry I'm formulating with everybody. Like me and Wiz [Stefen Wisniewski], we are getting more comfortable with communicating with each other at the line of scrimmage with our points and our declarations and our protections and everything like that. And just communication with all the guys. Like I said, I'm starting to get used to the receivers a little bit more. We still have work to do in that regard but you know it's a work in progress.

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