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Matt Schaub Loves the Fan Support


Q: You already knew what being a Raider was like, but today must have really confirmed it.**

Schaub: "It's fantastic the support, the fans that showed up and really showed up in a big way for us. It's just a testament to the rich tradition of the Raider Nation. It was fantastic to have that type of support today."

Q: How did today's practice compare to the preseason game and the previous training camp practices?

Schaub: "It's the same. You try to treat practice the same, but once you line up against another color jersey, it steps up a notch. So, it was very much like a game situation. We try to simulate as much as possible."

Q: It was very much like a backyard atmosphere with everybody so close and loud.

Schaub: "Yeah, it did. With the crowd and just so many bodies. When you have two teams sharing a field, there are a lot of bodies around. So, it definitely ramps up a little bit."

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