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Maxx Crosby, Raiders defense 'had juice today' in road victory

If there's a word that sums up how Maxx Crosby plays the game of football – it would be energy.

The fourth-year edge rusher has become synonymous with playing with energy and a high motor on every play. The same can be said of his play Sunday afternoon in the Raiders' 22-16 win over Denver, a team he's found a lot of success against in his NFL career.

Crosby's statline included six total tackles, two tackles for loss, three quarterback hits, two sacks and a forced fumble.

"All over the field. Effort. Great leadership this week," Head Coach Josh McDaniels said of Crosby's performance against the Broncos. "He was pursuing Russell [Wilson] as much as he could in the pass rush and then I thought he was really active at the point of attack in the running game and also ran a few plays down from behind.

"Just gives tremendous effort on every play. I thought he got it out of his teammates too. I think our captains were phenomenal this week and pushed our group. They got the response they were looking for."

The team captain has kept a hand on the pulse of the locker room, becoming the proverbial shot of adrenaline for the defense and special teams. Along with his defensive showing, he blocked a Brandon McManus goal at the end of the first half.

He recognizes his energy not only evaluates his level of play, but can be infectious for his teammates as well.

"It's the little things in football. The tiny little details between winning and losing," Crosby said. "I feel like that's something we've been missing, just our energy. Going out there and playing for each other. Playing with passion. It's something like that that requires no talent that makes the difference between winning and losing. Everybody's talented in this league. Everybody's good. Everybody knows football, everybody knows how to play football. There's just little details that separate teams.

"I feel like we just had juice today and we've got to keep doing that."

The Raiders defense allowed 16 points to the Broncos, the fewest they've allowed in a game this season. Additionally, they were able to hold the Broncos offense to 3-of-12 on third down and got 10 total quarterback hits on Russell Wilson.

"We've just got to keep building every day," said Crosby. "We can't look too far in the future. We've got to get a workout tomorrow, get our bodies back together and just slowly build. Continue to trust the process. That's really what it's all about."

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