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Mayowa: "We just have to get a W"


On his increased snap count yesterday:**

Mayowa:"Yeah, that's more snaps than I've ever took; I was on special teams also. It's a little overwhelming, but I handled it well."

Q: Did you have a sense that was coming, with Justin [Tuck] down?

Mayowa:"Well, I knew I was going to take more snaps, but I didn't know that I was going to take that many. Unfortunately, [LaMarr] Woodley went down, so I had to step up."

Q: To step up and play the run as well as you did, [Interim Head Coach Tony] Sparano said today that they knew you had some pass rush skills, that's what they were looking at you at, but to step up against the run like that, it must have been pretty gratifying.

Mayowa:"You have to do it all. You can't be a one-trick horse these days, so to stay around it's play all three downs, and you have to be able to play the run also, because you know they're going to run on first and second down, and on third down that's where you make your money, so you have to be able to play all three downs."

Q: Most of these guys have had a full offseason program and training camp to get used to a scheme, and then you get thrown into there. How difficult was it to learn the scheme? How comfortable are you now and when did you feel that way?

Mayowa:"It was difficult. My first three weeks were pretty hard, but once you get here you have to learn on the fly and that's what I did. If you want to play, if you want to come on a different team and you want to get some time and you want to step up and play, that's what you have to do. You have to learn quick."

Q: How would you describe this experience after being in Seattle and then winning the Super Bowl and everything, and then to come here and the team is struggling like it is; you're seeing both sides of this aren't you?

Mayowa:"It's not about the struggle. Seattle was struggling too. For every team to get good, you have to build and that's what we're doing here; we're building. When we're up, then it's better to see where we came from. We're down, but we're going to come back up and it's going to be like, 'Oh yeah, they had a building process.' That's every team."

Q: Do you see the same kind of professionalism in the way the guys go about their jobs, regardless of the records?

Mayowa:"Yeah. It's a business. You have to carry yourself businesslike, and when you're on the field you have to be a full player, and when you're in the locker room you have to be a good team player, a good brother, a good guy in the locker room. It's a business so you have to treat it like one."

Q: You talked about third down being the money down, what's the key to succeeding on that down?

Mayowa:"We just have to get to the quarterback. That's what I think we have to do. We're good; we have good coverage. We just have to get to the quarterback."

Q: How's the confidence in here?

Mayowa:"We have great confidence. Like I said, we're building, and that's what we're doing. Every week we come in and we're building; we're getting close. We just have to get a W, and that's what we're going to do."

Q: I know that you care more about a win or a loss then how you played personally, but to get increased snaps, and to be able to do some things- I think you had a batted pass, you were able to play the run well- was that nice that when you had the opportunity that you took advantage of it?

Mayowa:"Yeah, that's what this game is; opportunities. And when you get them, you have to grasp them, because they don't come. Some people are good but they don't get the opportunity to show what they can do on the field, so once you get your opportunity, you have to do what you have to do to get to the next play."

Q: Did you get lots of texts from friends and stuff that were excited they got to see you play?

Mayowa:"Yeah, I did. I got a couple of tweets also. That's cool, man. That's cool."

Q: Were you surprised when things ended in Seattle? What was your reaction when that happened and how were you able to bounce back?

Mayowa:"I don't know, I was just thinking like, in my year there, I'd seen a lot of stuff going on, people coming in and coming out. I just manned up. I said, 'If it happens to me I just know it's the business aspect of the NFL.' It can happen to anybody and it happened to me, so I'm a ball player and that's what I have to do. I've been through worse things, so getting cut is not the worst thing I've been through."

Q: Is there a player you kind of model yourself after?

Mayowa:"No, I'm trying to build my own image. I watch everybody. I played with Cliff Avril and Chris Clemons, so I was blessed to watch them for a whole year, and Chris had three or four years of double digits sacks. Cliff Avril is a well-known pass rusher, so that's something I watch, and they both play the run too. I was blessed to sit back and watch them last year."

Q: You're a pass rusher first?

Mayowa:"I want to be known as an all-three-down guy. I love to rush the passer, but playing all three downs is what's going to get me on the field. I want to be known as an all-three-down guy right now."

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