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McGloin Talks About Facing Chargers


Q: How does San Diego go about bringing pressure on the quarterback?**

McGloin:"They do a lot of different things. Obviously it's some of the things we've seen throughout the season, but again, we're preparing as best as we can. We still have a great approach to the game. We have to be ready for it. They're doing a lot of good things. They're a team that's really come along so far, so we have to be ready."

Q: Their secondary has been up and down throughout the season. Have they seemed better recently?

McGloin:"Definitely. They're making adjustments. Absolutely. I'm sure they're prepared having already played us once. I'm sure they know what to expect, so there's no doubt that they'll be prepared mentally. I think that we have to just continue to progress and make sure we understand the game plan, try to do our best and get first downs and take care of the ball and stay on the field because obviously their offense is doing a lot of good things."

Q: Do you find that your level of determination stays the same throughout, or do you feel even more driven after a loss?

McGloin:"I mean, at the end of the day obviously no one wants to lose. It makes Mondays much more difficult, but at the same time you understand you have a new game. You have another opportunity to go out and play every Sunday. I don't think we look in the past and say, 'Hey, we've had a lot of losses recently. We have to get a win. We have to get a win.' I think it's our goal to win every week. So again, I don't think we're looking back at all our losses and saying, 'We've got to win. We've got to win.' Our mindset every week is to win."

Q: Have you ever been a team that's lost four-straight games from high school to now?

McGloin:"I don't think so, but a lot of guys are like that. It is tough. As competitors we don't like to lose. We put so much time and so much effort in that to get beat isn't something that you expect or want. Again, we just have to work harder, stay later, watch more film and work harder in the weight room. We have to find a solution for it. And with the staff that we have and the players that we have, there's no doubt that we will."

Q: What have been your biggest challenges in these last four games?

McGloin:"In terms of learning and gaining the experience, I understand that. I think that obviously the more you play, the more experience you get. You have to watch more and more film to keep gaining experience. I'm doing my best to do that, and I know a lot of the guys are doing that. Like I said, we have two games left here and two opportunities to gain more experience, to learn more and to try to get two wins."

Q: I don't think you were sacked on Sunday against the Chiefs. Is there a pretty good clock in your head? Is it about feel?

McGloin:"It's kind of a … I call it a silent alarm. Obviously against the Chiefs, that was something we were prepared for. We knew they had great pass rush. I think they sacked us nine or 10 times the last time we played them. Our protection plan was solid last week, but as a quarterback standing in there, you have a clock in your head. It kind of gets to a point where it's, 'OK I've had this ball for a few seconds now. I need to get rid of it, or I'm going to get hit pretty hard here.' So you need to be decisive. You need to know what you're doing on each play. You need to know what your progressions are and what routes are good against what coverages. There's always a clock in the back of your mind."

Q: What would it do for the team if you could get Darren McFadden back up to form just for the last two games?

McGloin:"Anytime you lose a guy like Darren McFadden, it's tough. He's a hard worker — a great guy to be around. He sits in our meeting rooms before his starts. So you see how hard he works and how badly he wants to get back. Hopefully we can get him back and have him back out there. I think that would give us a lot more confidence. I mean, Rashad [Jennings] is playing great, and our running backs — Marcel [Reece] — they've done a great job. But it would be great to get Darren back out there."

Q: Some of the players say that you're harder on yourself than anybody they've ever met. Have they tried to uplift you this week at practice?

McGloin:"For me, I don't think words are really necessary. I don't need someone to tell me, 'Hey, pick it up,' or anything like that. I am hard on myself sometimes, but that's our approach as an offense. Everybody knows when they make mistakes. Everyone wants to be perfect. And that's something I do and everybody does is strive to be the best that you can be. But guys do that. Obviously the older guys that I look up to will pat me on the back of the helmet. They'll tell me, 'Hey, let's get going here,' every now and then. Like I said, as much as I know it, I do like it when they do it. It shows me that they care and they want to see me get better."

Q: Do you think that your receivers fit the way you like to play or that they've responded well? McGloin:"I think that they've responded well to doing what they have to do. I think our wideouts have done some great things this year. I pick and choose when I want to give my guys some chances to get the ball. And at the end of the day, you have to trust that they'll go and get it."

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