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Menelik Watson Media Session

Q: How do you not get overwhelmed with all the information that comes your way during this weekend?

Watson: Just really focus on what I've got to do. Understanding that it's a job now; it's the same way I approached Florida State and the same way I approached Saddleback [Junior College]. I understand what I have to do. Taking my role very serious, allows me to block out the other things that are around and just focus on what's the task at hand.

Q: Do you think it helps you that you've gone through this kind of quick progression before a couple times?

Watson: I almost call like a crash course. It's more like a crash course what I've gone through before. Obviously I'm in the pros now, I want to be here to stay. So, a lot of times I learn on the fly but now I can really sit down and get into the finer details and understanding everything that's going on around me, not just what I got to do.

Q: Is it almost a relief then that once practice is over, you don't have to go to class?

Watson: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Get back in there, I mean, just like the practice we were just at now. We're go back in and watch it, go over it and make our assessments, what we did wrong, what we did right. Then, obviously, install a little bit and get ready for tomorrow too. It definitely helps that there's no class, but I'm enjoying it. This is where I've always wanted to be, so there's no complaints where I am.

Q: [49ers defensive end] Lawrence Okoye said you guys had a flight over here. Is that kind of cool you got another Brit…? 

Watson: Yeah, yeah. It was by surprise actually. We were just at the airport and I saw him, he was at the gate. We just sat and talked and, obviously, I don't have as much experience but he's got less than me. So, you know, giving a little bit about football and my experience, what you should expect, but he's more than ready. I can tell by talking to him, he's ready to just attack it. I'm going to be watching close.

Q: So that was the first time you've ever met?

Watson: Yeah, first time we've ever met. It was cool, he's a cool guy, and hopefully he gets some off time and we're going to meet up and go out to eat or something like that and just talk some more.

Q: During the draft, did you listen to the experts' opinions like the book on you is that you've got the physical skills but you may not know what you're doing all the time on the field?

Watson: I paid attention to what coach was telling me in the draft process. Obviously, what my coach, [Florida State offensive line coach Rick Trickett], was telling me. From a physical standpoint, I was able to do it, but obviously the words were would I be able to pick up the game quick, especially the NFL playbook, how deep it is and stuff like that. But it's all a commitment. As long as I was able to make that commitment, it was always an option and a thing for me to look forward to.

Q: Is your goal to start from day one?

Watson: I come in to do my job. I'm not worried about rotations. I don't worry about where I stand in the depth chart. The main thing is come in and do my job and if I come in and do that and focus on that and that alone, then who knows what the outcome could be.

Q: What were your first impressions of Coach Sparano?

Watson: Perfectionist. Very similar to Coach Trickett, really detail-oriented. We got to get after it on the practice field. Things I'm more accustomed to from being with Coach Trickett, but he's all about treating everyone like professionals and knowing we all have a job to do, and if we don't do our job someone is going to get hurt. So it's very important that he stresses that all the time.

Q: You feel like your boxing training translates out here with your feet and everything like that?

Watson: Everything I've done - playing soccer, playing basketball, it all kind of translates, especially on offensive line. When you're on the front line its pretty much hand-to-hand combat so you got to be able to know when to throw your hands and not reach, go to the near the shoulder and things like that, so it definitely helped.

Q: Seen Lennox Lewis there on the line then?

Watson: What about him?

Q: Was he somebody you looked up to growing up?

Watson: No, I've seen a couple of his fights. I liked Lennox. I liked [Mike] Tyson. Tyson's my guy.

Q: Did you have a good chin for boxing?

Watson: Who me? I never fought. I just did some training and stuff like that.

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