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Q:How would you describe you and Darren McFadden?

Michael Bush:Darren, you know, he is a fast guy. He is physical as well. He is fast you know, lighting speed. I think we're both just hard.  If we need the first down, we know how to get it and if we need to make a move, I think we both know how to do that and we know how to make it to open field.

Q:Is it important at all, who starts or who doesn't? What's going through your mind about that?

Michael Bush:It is not really important, I mean, everybody likes to start but it is just like anything no matter where you start is how you finish.  That's kind of being my motto for a long time. You know starting is good but if it doesn't happen, I know I'm still one play away from being in, so I'm not too worried about starting.

Q:You guys talk about that, you and Darren?

Michael Bush:No, I mean, we both know that one week it can be him and one next week it can be me. So, it is not a big deal.

Q:For a lot of guys this is a really important camp, because this team is starting to identify a new identity in some ways, why is this an important camp from the running back position?

Michael Bush:Oh, I mean we would like to run the ball more, you know they got us here. They got McFadden, you know I'm here and we're both sitting on the side a little bit. Starting games behind and we'd like to get out early with the run, and show everybody what we can do.

Q:Are you feeling a distinct change, is there a kind of an attitude that is new or something new that is build in here that you guys can tell?

*Michael Bush: *Yeah, but I think that starts with, you know, the coach, you can tell by Coach Jackson, he is coming in with mottos like building a bully, that's what he preaches to us.

Q: What does he mean by that building a bully?

Michael Bush:Just running at you. That's all and if you stop running we're going to hit you with a pass. So, just kind of pick your poison.

Q: What's the difference, you know that you guys can say that you're headed in the right direction?

Michael Bush I mean, a lot of guys, just a lot of guys came in shape this year which is totally different, a lot of guys just seem more excited to be around each other, you know it is a lot of friendly atmosphere going on. And I think that is always good for team camaraderie, that's always like a step in the right direction.

Q: Is it hopeful around here?

Michael Bush:I would think so, we've been losing since I got here, so we need to win more than five games, that's always a goal to me be better than last year and win more games than last year.  

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