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Michael Huff's unforgettable shorthanded INT named Raiders play of the decade

It was a game no Raiders fan will ever forget.

Just one day after the death of Al Davis, on Oct. 9, 2011, the Silver and Black were scheduled to kick off against the Texans in Houston. It was a hard-fought seesaw of a game that came down to the final play.

And when it mattered, safety Michael Huff stepped up to pick off Texans QB Matt Schaub in the end zone to seal the deal and satisfy the only thing that matters: Just winning, baby.

Almost lost in the ensuing emotion was the fact that due to a personnel miscommunication, the Raiders only had ten players on the field.

Well, in physical form, at least.

"We only had ten helmets on the field, but it was definitely 11 men out there," said cornerback Stanford Routt at the time. "It was definitely 11 men out there."

"It was very strange," added QB Jason Campbell. "To be short one guy on the field? Man, Mr. Davis had a hand in that."

"We know he's looking down on us right now," Huff said after the game. "This win is for him. I appreciate everything he's done for this organization. He's never gone in our eyes. We'll never let him go. He's with us."

Huff is right; we'll never let Mr. Davis go, and we'll never forget this play and this game, either.

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