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Mike Jenkins Media Session

Q: What's been your first impressions so far?

Jenkins: It's been pretty good. Just getting out here, getting the first day out of the way. Coming in close with the players, building that camaraderie and just knowing who we're playing with and who we're playing against.

Q: It's early, but how do you see yourself fitting into Coach Tarver's scheme?

Jenkins: It's pretty good. I like the scheme. I think it's a nice fit for me to come in and just help the team out.

Q: What are your impressions of the Silver and Black? How tough is it to fit into a new team?

Jenkins: It's pretty tough. Never thought I'd be in this situation, but I feel pretty good about it. Came in with the guys; they all welcomed me in with open hands. So as far as right now, I'm loving it so far.

Q: What do you bring to the table?

Jenkins: What do I bring to the table? I'm a great player. Hopefully I can come in and use my athleticism to help the team out.

Q: What was your reaction on draft night when you saw they drafted a cornerback in the first round?

Jenkins: What was my reaction? Actually, I didn't watch the draft; I was traveling at that time. But when I heard about it, you bring everybody in, everybody is going to get better. Hopefully he can come in and push each of the guys to get better and take each other to another level.

Q: When you came in, you're thinking about, I'm sure, competing for a starting spot. That hasn't changed?

Jenkins: No, not at all. Not at all.

Q: How was it first time on the field with the rookies?

Jenkins: With the rookies? Pretty good. Just watching film, from seeing them, I think they brought in a pretty talented class. I was actually running with the ones, so I really haven't gotten any reps with the rookies yet.

Q: How was this off-season for you as far as the free agent process? Was it at all frustrating for you?

Jenkins: It was pretty long. It got pretty frustrating towards the end, just taking visits, going from city to city, but worked out at the end.

Q: What did Dennis [Allen] tell you as far as why he wanted you here?

Jenkins: Just to come in and compete. Never guaranteed me anything; just to come in and compete and battle for a position.

Q: They're rebuilding here. Can you feel the enthusiasm? Practices seem crisper, guys are flying around. There's a lot of open jobs.

Jenkins: There's definitely a lot of energy and I love it. Everybody is running to the ball. Everybody is getting to the ball, making plays. Everybody wants a position. We're starting all over, so we're building this franchise up right now from the bottom.

Q: With so many new faces coming into this organization this year, does it kind of make it easier as being one of the other new guys?

Jenkins: Pretty much. They have history changing guys out here a lot so I don't think it's too many guys who have been here for over four years or so, other than a few players, so everybody is pretty much new. You can't really look at anyone like there's a new face in town.

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