Monday Q&A with Coach Cable


Oakland Raiders Head Coach Tom Cable spoke with the media after Monday afternoon's Training Camp practice at the team's Napa Valley Training Complex.

Coach Cable: Good practice on both sides. We got a lot done. We started on New Orleans. The week will be really kind of set up to teach particularly the young guys on the team, kind of how a normal game week goes and the different segments going on each day. So it was good to get started on that. Injuries: the normal crew now, Schilens, Barnes, Wade, Fargas, Shaughnessy, Ekejiuba, Morrison, Horton, Mitchell.

Q: You signed Harris today?

Coach Cable: We did sign Napoleon Harris, and released Ricky Manning Jr.

Q: What did you see from Javon Walker today?

Coach Cable: A guy kind of getting back into it. He looked a little rusty, but he ran some good routes, caught some balls, had a decent individual [workout], and we will kind of bring him along a little more each day as we go through the week.

Q: Is he going to play this week?

Coach Cable: We hope so.

Q: On that TD pass from JaMarcus Russell to Louis Murphy [at San Francisco] did he look CB Nate Clements off?

Coach Cable: He did, because his eyes went to the tight end first then down and then to the top so it was a good job going through the progression.

Q: Are you trying to simulate a real game with the 1:00 start?

Coach Cable: Yes, that's why. Obviously, September 14th is a 7:15, so we've done that already. Then we have a 5:15 in Seattle at night again. So I thought it was imperative to get an early/midday game in.

Q: What do you say to the young guys, where it'll be the last game for a lot of them?

Coach Cable: We've done that each week.  We talk about the opportunity and what goes into it and we show them right before the game what their play time will be.  They know exactly what each individual's opportunity is and just kind of went through the preseason the whole way.  Remember early in camp I mentioned OTA and mini-camp is like going to Disneyland and this is the U.S. Open.  Every shot you get counts.  I tried to really be firm with that and get them to understand that they have to be the best.

Q: QB Jeff Garcia was saying that JaMarcus Russell is using him as a resource, are you seeing that?

Coach Cable: I am. It's a process of getting comfortable and understanding that this guy is here to help.  Whatever he can do to help us be a successful team he'll do that. And I think everyone is comfortable with that and I think JaMarcus is showing that.

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