Moore: "I thrive on playing football"

Q: There was some back and forth last week. Can you tell us some of the stuff that happened and what was said?

Moore:"That was last week. We have Kansas City this week. We're on Wednesday. I can't bring last week into a Wednesday where we're focusing on Kansas City."

Q: [Colin] Kaepernick was kind of laughing about it today, tried to shrug it off.

Moore:"I'm not laughing about it. It's in last week. We're in Kansas City this week. This week is bigger than last week. This is an opponent that we already played and they're getting ready to give us everything that they've got, so we have to make sure that we're prepared to go out there and play and be ready to execute."

Q: How important is emotion and keeping a running conversation with the other team? How important is that to your game? Do you thrive on that?

Moore:"No. I thrive on playing football and being a teammate to the other guys out there and sacrificing and giving everything I've got, and letting them know I'm giving everything I've got. No matter how it happens, however it comes out, they know it."

Q: So are you going to try to get inside the head…

Moore:"I don't try to get in anybody's head. I try to play football. I try to send a message playing football. I try to play good, clean football, but send a message that there's no back down in my team. There's no back down in my defense. There's no back down in me."

Q: What's your expectation for the Chiefs the second time around?


Q: How much do you take two weeks ago into this week?


Q: It's a whole new ballgame? Moore:"It doesn't matter. I know they flushed it. I know we have to flush it. I know we have to go out there and swing with everything that we got, because I know that they're going to come and swing with everything that they've got. That's what it's about right now."

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