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Moore Returns to Practice Field


Moore: **"It did, because the thing is, when you're not out there with these guys fighting the fight that they fight each day, you feel sick to your stomach. I just wanted to get out there and make sure that I can do my part to help, and let them know I'm doing everything that I can."

Q: The news today that Nick [Roach] was put on IR will be out the rest of the year with concussion symptoms, how much of a blow is that? You guys all look up to him in the position group.

Moore:"Nick is a friend before anything to me, so it's just one of those deals where I just pray for him and wish him the best and that he gets better. I know he would want to be out here more than anywhere else so I just try to take him me whenever I go out there and play because he's been an intricate part to me being where I'm at now, from a playing standpoint and just from a spiritual standpoint and just period."

Q: Do you guys miss him on the field? His leadership, his communication, and all that?

Moore:"Nick was a guy that led straight by example. He's not a guy of many, many words unless you really go to him. He's definitely a leader, but I think we have to adjust and we have to make a way. He would want that. We're just going to continue to move forward and keep trying to do what we're doing and the process that we have."

Q: Did you feel pretty rusty today? Do you think that by the time game day rolls around you're going to be good to go?

Moore:"I critique myself hard, so I'm going to say I was rusty even if I wasn't. It's just something I continue to work on day in, day out and be happy about being out there and playing ball because there was a point in time I wasn't, so that's how I look at it."

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