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More Sound Bites from CTE Award Dinner


Jim Otto

"This is what we did all our life as a player. We enjoyed being with the fans. Our fans are the most passionate fans in the National Football league and they definitely deserve to see us guys once in awhile and we deserve to see them."

"The Oakland Raiders, we've been a fantastic team, you all know, you've been a part of it for all these years, and you know as much about it as any one of us in this room. All of you have been tremendous fans. It's in my heart and it never left my heart. I turned 75 years old a couple weeks ago and it'll never leave me. The Raider heart, the Raider love, the spirit, the pride, the poise, the Commitment to Excellence…"

Special teams coordinator Bobby April

"A lot of times Jon's position is sort of taken for granted because it's such a short period of time and you really don't see him in action, you see the ball in action. But again, it's a real statement of his qualities as a person, as a teammate, as a competitor, so I would think it is rare because there's other people, at least fan-wise, that are more dynamic part of their awareness of the game. He's done a great job. He's had a great career."

"Tremendous opportunity to work with a guy like that who has got experience, who is a team player and talented and really talented at what he does. If you don't get that snap, George Allen said that the most important guy on the field was the snapper because if he doesn't execute his responsibility, everything is broken down. I agree with that, so Jon has a big role and I'm looking forward to trying to help him help the team."

LS Jon Condo

"First of all, it's a complete honor and it took me by surprise hearing Coach Allen announce my name as the winner. But seriously, I'm honored. It's a humbling experience just to be named with some former recipients of this award – Jim Otto, Willie Brown, Fred Biletnikoff, the list goes on and on. It's great and just to come out and to thank everyone and to raise money also for a charity. It's just a great event and hopefully it's a good beginning to the 2013 season."

"To Mark Davis and Reggie Mckenzie, thank you for allowing me to represent the organization and compete every Sunday. It really means a lot and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else."

"I would like to thank the fans. You guys are truly an inspiration. I'll be honest, your loyalty and dedication does not go unnoticed by myself, my teammates and the rest of the organization. You guys are the best fans in all of pro football."

Richard Condo - Jon Condo's Father

A message to Jon - "Accept it in a very humble way. Be very happy with it. Be very proud with it. Realize that you're in a very select group of people receiving this award and just to continue to work hard and continue to do everything you've been doing since you've been here, Jon."

Head Coach Dennis Allen

"I think when you look at the Raiders, the Raiders are a family. I think that's one of the things that makes the Raiders unique is just that family sense of loyalty to each other and so I think it's a great thing for families to be able to experience this together."

"This is a special place, this is a special organization, this is a special town, it's truly an incredible organization - the fact that we have the most passionate, most spirited fans in all the National League, and really in all of professional sports."

GM Reggie McKenzie

"This is a great occasion. Any time you can get Raider Nation together, especially in the form of booster clubs, there's so many booster clubs all around, not just in California, but throughout the Nation and that's what it's all about. You guys should be commended for that."

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