Murray Returns to Practice


Q: How are you feeling?**

Murray:"I feel good. I feel real good. It felt good to be out there, so I'm excited. I'm excited about this weekend and the opportunity we have."

Q: You had to wait all year to get an extended look. It comes against Kansas City, you bust off the long run and then you have to wait two more weeks. What has it been like having to wait?

Murray:"It's tough. You always want to be out there and you want to be on the field, but again, I had to be smart. Now I'm back cleared and ready to go."

Q: When did you actually get cleared?

Murray:"It was, I believe on Monday. Monday evening. Tuesday morning officially."


Q: There's a whole series of things you have to do to get through that. Did you feel good going into Monday?**

Murray:"Yeah, I felt good. I felt good. You just have to communicate and you have to be smart, again, communicate anything that might be going on with you and we did that. I felt great and I knew, I had a good idea, so I'm ready to go."

Q: Did they have you travel to St. Louis?

Murray:"No, I just stayed."

Q: That must have been hard.

Murray:"Yeah, it was tough to watch. It was tough to watch, but again, we have a good test in front of us and we're excited, big game, and this is what it's about."

Q: What have you gleaned about the rivalry with the 49ers?

Murray:"It's just that backyard brawl that we're looking forward to, the team right up the road. It's exciting. This is what football is all about, so we're all excited about the opportunity. We're ready to go out there and compete."

Q: You made such a huge impact in that last Kansas City game, is that something you're looking to pick up where you left off?

Murray:"Most definitely. Obviously, I want to put together a running game like we did against Kansas City, but again, a different team, a different week, so we'll see how it goes. We're definitely going to go out there with that mentality. We know we have to put together a game like that to help the offense out, so we're going out there, we're working hard, we're practicing hard and we're ready to go get them."

Q: Would you be excited to get an extended workload, something more extended that you really haven't had since college?

Murray:"Without a doubt, and I'm ready to show that. I'm ready to show I can handle a workload of carries, so there's no pressure for me at all. I know what I'm capable of and so however many carries I get or however many plays I get, I just have to make sure I go in there and perfect them."

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