Murray: "We Have Our Work Cut Out For Us"

Q: Going against the Bills on Sunday, they have one of the highest-rated defenses in the NFL. What do you see from them and what do you need to do to be productive against them?

Murray:"First off, we have to handle the guys up front. Like we've been saying each week, we have our work cut out for us so, we have to handle those guys up front and make sure we're competing, to be honest."

Q: What are you trying to take out of the last two games of the season, personally?

Murray:"Just for me, just getting better. Still getting better each week, these next few games, improve and just end on a good note."

Q: What do you think one area of your game is that you've improved on from last season to this season?

Murray:"Well, obviously, I was out last year. I think I was able to learn a lot sitting out last year, whether it was just the schemes or just protection. Just being able to sit, I was able to gain a lot of knowledge and just be able to sit back and watch."

Q: How does the game plan change when you're going against four rushers? Do you have to stay in the backfield more; is it an option for you?

Murray:"It is an option, whether we're going to help out on those guys up front, help them out or whether we're getting out so we can get the ball in our hands. Just depending on when you're exiting out of the backfield, give a little help to those guys. Just handling those guys up front and just competing."

Q: They run a 4-3 scheme, you've faced a lot of 3-4 teams. Does that change anything with how you read a play?

Murray:"No. To be honest, I feel it's easier. You have the four down front. You know who the four down are. You know who the three 'backers are. It's no different going from 3-4 to 4-3. Again, it's knowing your match-ups and competing."

Q: Their defensive ends are big names, but what about the interior they have with guys like Marcell Dareus? What jumps out at you?

Murray:"I think they're competitive guys, guys that are going to play to the end of the whistle, and again, that just goes back to competing and just finishing."

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