Murray: "We're up for the challenge"


Q: Going into your third real game fulltime, how is your body feeling?**

Murray:"It's feeling good. I feel great. I made sure I got in here on those off days to get my body back. Just recover, get in the cold tub. I'm feeling good, ready to go."


Q: What do you see in this Chiefs defense?**

Murray:"Those guys up front; it's a tough group of guys. We have a challenge up for us up there and the overall defense in general. We're up for the challenge. We know that they're going to be ready to go, especially with what happened a couple of weeks ago here. Again, we're excited for the opportunity."

Q: With the snaps that you've been taking, where do you feel you're improving most?

Murray:"I've just been trying to be real patient. See what I see and hit it. Try not to do too much thinking, but again, just try to be patient and run hard."

Q: Why do you think you guys have been able to run the ball more compared to the beginning of the year? What do you think the key has been?

Murray:"Lately, I'm not sure. Like I said, I just know when I get in there I try to do what I can and be patient and just run hard, but again as an offense, as an offensive line, I know we all work together as one and we've been working real hard to go out there and put together games the way we know how, put together rushing games the way we know how, and we're capable of doing that. Every day we're working towards that on the practice field and we just have to make sure it correlates out to the game."

Q: Can you describe Derek's [Carr] growth as the season has been going on? You haven't been in the huddle with him every game, but now that you've been in there, what do you notice?

Murray:"I mean, from day one, not even being in the huddle when I'm out there in the games, but I'm out there every day in practice. He's a leader, a guy that you might think has been around for a while, but he hasn't. That's the way he acts. He's definitely a guy that has the huddle and I think the sky's the limit on how good he can be, especially his poise and just the way he handles himself."

Q: You're a big back. How do you handle that durability as your career goes along? What do you think you have to do?

Murray: "Just make sure I'm taking care of my body. Making sure I'm not taking any big hits, I guess. Make sure I'm protecting myself when I'm out there and just taking care of my body, and just running the way I know how to run."

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