Musgrave Taking Offensive Reins

Bill Musgrave knows quarterbacks. Until Marcus Mariota, Musgrave was Oregon's all-time leading passer. He played for the San Francisco 49ers behind Joe Montana and Steve Young and spent time in Denver behind John Elway. Musgrave has coached Steve Beuerlein, Matt Ryan, Jeff George and Mark Brunell.

Coach Musgrave will take the reins of the Raiders offense with a young, promising quarterback in Derek Carr. "Derek is a terrific young man," said Coach Musgrave. "He's made a good first impression on a lot of people, and we're looking forward to surrounding him with some talent and some options that will be at his disposal."

Carr is only one piece of the puzzle for Coach Musgrave, as the long-time coach will be working to improve the efficiency of the entire offense. "We'll be chomping at the bit, as the spring proceeds, to get out on the field with [the players]," said Coach Musgrave. "The first day that they'll be here is April 7 so that can't get here fast enough because the cupboard is definitely not bare on offense. We've got some good young players, some veteran guys and we can't wait to fit them into our system."

Coach Musgrave is excited to once again work with Head Coach Jack Del Rio, with whom he spent time in Jacksonville. "Jack is so incredibly bright, very organized, structured, motivated, and competitive and it's great to be around people like that," said Coach Musgrave.

Coach Musgrave believes in Coach Del Rio's vision and work ethic. "Jack has really put together a tremendous staff," said Coach Musgrave. "Most of us, if not all of us, are very competitive. While we enjoy being a coach and the leadership and the inspiration and the designing of plays, we really enjoy the teaching component most. Finding out how different guys learn and then playing to those tendencies and really helping them improve. "

The Raiders new offensive coordinator's teaching style is no frills. "I'm straight-forward, honest, definitely to the point," Coach Musgrave explained. "We want to be efficient with our coaching points and our routine and not waste any time so we can be effective and efficient at the same time."

This will be Coach Musgrave's fifth stint as an NFL offensive coordinator and he has learned from every stop along the way. "I think every experience you learn from," he said. "Good players and good coaches really learn something from every game and every practice and so your experiences can help you be more prepared for the things that you can't foresee. I feel like I've been very fortunate to be in the right place at the right time numerous times."

The Raiders 2015 coaching staff has a combined 102 playing years in the NFL. Check out these photos of the staff during their playing days.

Coach Musgrave is looking forward to putting his stamp on the Raiders offense. Once the players arrive, he can begin to mold the plays to their strengths. "We're going to think players first, then plays," he explained. "I think it makes sense to have certain labels and it's more flattering than anything because it means you have an identity. We'll want to have our own identity. We'll want to be up the alleys of our respective players and really in line with their strengths."

While it is important to create the 2015 Raiders identity, Coach Musgrave is cognizant of the history and tradition that emanates from the Silver and Black. "It's an historic franchise that's enjoyed a lot of success," said Coach Musgrave. "It's a big responsibility that we're undertaking to carry that torch and get the Raiders back to being relevant which is what we anticipate doing immediately. There won't be a break-in process or anything. I think we are excited and feel like we know what Jack expects from the offense and we're ready to give it to him."

As Coach Musgrave awaits the return of the players, he's working diligently with his staff to prepare. He wants to put the best offensive product on the field. "We're going to work tremendously hard and put a good product on the field, a team they can be proud of and that they can get behind," he said. "There will be bumps in the road, but we'll strive to overcome those and get better each and every week."

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