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Mychal Rivera Media Session

Rivera: It's going good. My second NFL practice today, just having a lot of fun out there and getting used to things.

Q: How do you deal with the information overload, Mychal, without overwhelming you but at the same time, letting it soak in?

Rivera: It's a lot of studying. At night, you got to manage your time really well, study a lot and getting those playbooks.

Q: What out there has opened the eyes so far as opposed to college or is that going to come when the rest of the guys get here?

Rivera: I think it's going to speed up a lot more when the rest of the guys get here, but I feel like the SEC prepared me for the speed that I'm seeing right now, and everything is pretty normal to me.

Q: How does your game translate from college to the pros?

Rivera: In college, I played a lot of different positions. I played fullback. I played wide receiver and I'd go in-line tight end. The Raiders are doing the same thing with me here and moving me all around and I'm having a lot of fun doing all the versatile stuff that I always do.

Q: Over the last couple of days, has there been anything about your game that you feel like they've wanted you to improve on specifically?

Rivera: I have a lot of areas I feel like I need to improve on. I should improve on my blocking, my route running and things like that, but what I am bringing to the table is some good stuff. I'm running really good routes and I'm catching the ball really well.

Q: How much does it help you got another rookie tight end in Nick Kasa coming in the same time? You guys able to bounce stuff off each other and help each other out?

Rivera: Yeah, it's really cool because I'm not the only one lost out there. There's two guys trying to figure things out and we both help each other and its real fun.

Q: I'm sure it was a life-long dream to be in the NFL. Did it hit you in draft day or hit you this weekend when you came out here, when you flew out here or has it hit you yet? What's going on in your life?

Rivera: It hit me when my feet started hurting out there on the field. It's hitting me now, but I'm really proud to accomplish these goals and I'm just going to continue to strive hard to accomplish them.

Q: What was it like getting a call about the cops coming to your house and you end up taking a photo with them?

Rivera: It was pretty funny because they came down the side of the house, all four L.A.P.D., they didn't know what was going on. 'I got drafted, I got drafted.' A couple of them were Raiders fans, so it was real cool.

Q: Now you're not the only famous one in the family, what does your sister [Naya Rivera] think?

Rivera: My older sister, Naya, she loves it and she's ready to come to all the home games. So she's ready.

Q: Can you sing and dance too?

Rivera: No, I leave that all up to her. You guys don't want to hear that.

Q: Does Tyler Wilson throw a pretty hard ball? It seemed like he was really slinging them out there.

Rivera: Tyler Wilson has a real accurate ball. Yeah, he slings it in there.

Q: Did you play against him in college? Do you remember him much from school?

Rivera: We played Arkansas once and it wasn't a pretty game for us. Tyler Wilson kind of kicked our butt but I'm glad he's on my team now.

Q: Coach [Dennis Allen] was also talking about his leadership in the huddle, is that something you've already picked up after two days with him?

Rivera: That's one thing, he demands your attention and he demands you get the play right and stuff, which is really good for a quarterback.

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