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New Raiders RB DeAndre Washington: "I'm excited to be a part of Raider Nation"


Q: Did you have any pre-draft contact with the Raiders?

Washington: "Yes, sir. I actually met with them at the combine, with [General Manager] Mr. [Reggie] McKenzie and [Head] Coach [Jack] Del Rio. I had a chance to meet with them a few times. I'm excited to be a part of Raider Nation."

Q: Whose NFL game would you say you emulate?

Washington: "Maybe Maurice Jones-Drew type. You know, small and compact, but very physical at the point of attack."


Q: Did Jack Del Rio compare you to Maurice Jones-Drew?**

Washington: "No, he never gave me a specific comparison. It's just a guy I've heard along my career."

Q: How does the Texas Tech offense compare to an NFL offense?

Washington: "I think guys don't realize we actually ran the ball quite a bunch too. So, I think playmakers make plays, at the end of the day. I'm excited to be a part of this Oakland offense. I look forward to doing big things."

Q: Have you had any continuing problems with your previous ACL injury?

Washington: "No sir. One hundred percent."

Q: Coming from a pass-heavy offense at Texas Tech, how comfortable do you feel coming out of the backfield and with blocking assignments?

Washington:"I take that personally, man. I think if you watch my film, anytime I get a chance to take on a defender, I play with a chip on my shoulder when it comes to that part of my game. I definitely take that personally. I look forward to protecting Derek Carr or whoever the quarterback may be."

Q: Do you find that at your height, you may have an advantage in pass blocking?

Washington:"No, I think it just comes down to willpower – pass blocking is all tenacity. If you deliver a blow instead of take a blow, you're going to win a lot more than you lose."

Q: What does it mean to be drafted to the Raiders, a team that has a major need for you?

Washington:"It's huge, man. The Raiders are a rich-tradition organization – tradition runs deep. I know they have some die-hard fans out there, so I'm looking forward to getting out there and competing and having some fun and doing some big things for the Raider Nation."


Q: Who are you watching the draft with and what was it like when you got the call?**

Washington:"It was a pretty exciting deal. I'm actually down in Houston, my hometown with family and friends. When I got that call my heart kind of dropped because I saw the California area code. I wasn't really sure who it was, but I was excited it was the Raiders. I felt comfortable with their staff. I look forward to going out there and making big things happen."

Q: What do you know about Michael Crabtree? Washington:"I just know that he's the most talked about guys when you come through Lubbock, Texas. You talk about receivers that are just, you know, players, Texas Tech players, period. He's that guy, one of the first names that rolls off anybody's tongue. I've actually never met him personally, but definitely look forward to being with another Red Raider up there in Oakland."

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