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NFL Network Analysts Heap Praise On The Raiders At Radio Row

Thursday afternoon at Moscone Center West in San Francisco, several analysts from the NFL Network were made available leading up to Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara.

The conglomerate of analysts touched on a variety of topics during their time, but nearly every one of them spoke about the Oakland Raiders and the current state of the team.

Here are some of the best quotes from the NFL Network crew on the Silver and Black.

Nate Burleson

On Amari Cooper:

"When I looked at him, I thought, right out of the gate, this is the most versatile receiver in the draft, by far, and then I listened to him talk. I said, 'man, this guy is mature beyond measure.' You combine those two things and you get a guy that's destined for immediate success in the NFL."

Marshall Faulk

On Derek Carr:

"Derek has to look at this past season and try to figure out, 'how do I get better in the situational aspects of football,' because he was phenomenal. There were certain situations that would escape him at times, and that's from being young, mainly trying to make a play.

On Latavius Murray and Amari Cooper:

"I feel like Latavius Murray, he's going to learn how to play big. He's a big back, there's not always going to be a hole there. Sometimes you have to create that hole. What do you say about [Amari Cooper]? This kid is going to probably be one of the best receivers to play in the game, not to mention they re-signed [Michael] Crabtree. You get Crabtree back to help mentor him. Amari Cooper, he was phenomenal before the little injuries hit him. The Raiders have some talent, some young talent to hang their hat on."

Michael Irvin

On Amari Cooper:

"I love that kid, and I love [Derek] Carr. I love the combination, and I love [Latavius] Murray. They got a young nucleus now, Khalil Mack and everybody, that they can build around. The one thing they have to make sure is from here on out, everybody that comes on that team understands that they do things a certain way. If you can't do it that certain way, you have to get your feet and get them beat. Beat your feet, pat your toes, and get your ass out of here. That's what they have to understand, so they have to set the tone every day at practice, every day in the offseason. It has to be set, because people with watch them and follow what they do."

Willie McGinest:

On Khalil Mack:

"He's already off to a good start. I think he's very versatile. I would just say, with him, he just has to keep working on his craft, learning more moves. Once you become good at something, teams, and offensive tackles, and linemen, they figure out how to take that away, so you have to have more weapons in your arsenal.  You have to be able to do a lot of different things, and start to learn, and he will because he's young, start to learn how to set up linemen."

Deion Sanders

On Charles Woodson:

"Charles Woodson could play a few more years if he desired to. For one, he knows the game, for two, he knows his body and himself, and for three, he's good."

On Khalil Mack:

"I think the kid is tremendous. I think we knew that coming out and he has lived up that expectation. I'm proud of him."

Kurt Warner

On Derek Carr:

"I think you see all the physical ability. He's unique in what he can do with the football, and what he can do with his right arm. You saw that come out more, you saw more confidence in what he could he do, and more confidence in the guys around him. Again, another young kid that I think that has great potential, the potential, physically, to be great. I hope he continues to grow, year in and year out and get better every year, because with the track that he's on now, that bodes well for a really, really good NFL career if he can continue to grow."

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