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Nick Roach Chats with Media

Q: Round two of OTAs here, how would you assess your guys performance? Coach said he's a little disappointed, maybe a little sluggish after the long weekend. How would you grade yourselves?

Roach: Yeah, I think getting back after four days off is obviously something that you have to work your body through but at the end of the day I feel like it was good work. Kind of working on different field positions today, different situations for the first time with everybody, so I think we are still getting a feel for it.

Q: You guys go along and a lot of you guys come here to get your chance to sort of make your own way, and all of a sudden instead of all of these under the radar free agents you have Charles Woodson dropped in your lap; what is it like to all of a sudden have him as a teammate out of the blue?

Roach: It's great. He's a legend. A living legend who is still playing, still playing at a high level. I played against him many times when I was back in Chicago. I think he is going to be great for the locker room. Just having the experience and just having that knowledge and being in so many situations, so many playoff games and Super Bowls; it's going to be great.

Q: Do you see this as your chance kind of to be the guy finally after kind of being in the background a little bit in Chicago? Is this your chance to kind of have a main defensive directive?

Roach: You know whatever you want to call it. I came here not to be anything specific. I just came to try to win, and whatever way we can do that is how I'm ready to do it.

Q: What did Coach tell you guys about [DJ] Hayden being out in hospital? Were you guys aware of that?

Roach: I did not hear about that.

Q: Coach wouldn't call this a rebuilding team or a rebuilding process, how would you gauge where this team is at and where it's going?

Roach: I mean my perspective is kind of always been the same - in the NFL the talent margin is so slim that if you can get a group of guys together that just want to be around each other and care about it, it's just a matter of getting everybody on the same page as fast as possible and after that I think anybody has a shot.

Q: Had you all been aware that Hayden was in any discomfort? Anybody talk to him?

Roach: I kind of maybe knew he was sick, but I didn't know the extent of it. Still haven't heard anything.

Q: He mentioned to you that his stomach was hurting?

Roach: No, last week I kind of saw him around with a hood over his head but a lot of people look like that at 7:00 a.m.

Q: With the Bears you guys did a lot of cover two and a lot of consistency with the way you approached the defense. Here how much different is the scheme going to be with all the moving and mixing and matching? Charles Woodson was in there talking about how he thought it was going to be an easy defense for guys to understand, but at the same time a lot of guys doing different things.

Roach: Right, I think that's kind of the perk of it is we kind of do simple things, I would say, but there are a lot of different ways we can get to it and that is what is able to keep the offenses guessing. If we can make a lot of things look the same, then they never really know what we are going to do and that's one of our advantages.

Q: What do you think about the Coordinator [Jason] Tarver, as a young guy and last year was pretty rough? The personnel has changed but what do you think about him so far after a couple practices?

Roach: I mean honestly from what I've known he's great to play for. He knows a lot about obviously the scheme he is trying to put in. He cares about it. He cares about us. He's not just some kind of dictator who is trying to throw Xs and Os. He cares about us as players, as people, so he has been a pleasure to play for so far, I don't have any bad things to say.

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