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Oakland Raiders Owner Mark Davis' Statement On Bill King


Wednesday morning, it was announced former Oakland A's announcer Bill King is headed to the Cooperstown Hall of Fame after being the team's commentator for 25 years. King also did the play-by-play for the Raiders over the course of 27 years, from 1966 to 1992. He also commentated all three of the Silver and Black's Super Bowl appearances. Without question, King was an important member of the Bay Area sports community.

Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis shared his thoughts on King being inducted and expressed the joy he feels for the King family.

"Listening to Bill King was like watching the game on the radio," said Raiders Owner Mark Davis. "I once complimented him on his basketball commentary and how he was able to do it so well despite how fast the action is. He said, 'Mark, basketball is actually the easiest sport to call. Baseball is the toughest because of all the dead time you have to fill.' We are very happy for Bill and his family for being honored with the Ford Frick Award."

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