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Oakland Raiders Reflect On Training Camp 2016


The Oakland Raiders officially wrapped up Training Camp 2016 Tuesday afternoon at the team's Napa Valley Training Complex.

Following the final practice in Napa, several players and coaches shared their thoughts on the team's time away from the Alameda, Calif., facility, and the work that was accomplished over the past several weeks.

Head Coach Jack Del Rio

"It's been a good productive time up here. It's a good place to hold camp. The people here treat us great. Our organization does a nice job putting this event on, this camp event. I'm happy with the way things went up here."

Guard Vadal Alexander

"It went well, got a lot better throughout the camp. I got to play in my first game in the NFL, but mainly it was good working with the guys, and gaining some camaraderie with the other offensive lineman."

Linebacker Daren Bates

"This was a good training camp for me, because it was something different than what I've been through the past few years. There were more pads involved, more hitting, and it kind of brings you back to college. You get the routine of real football again, instead of going in just helmets, or just shorts; you're putting on the full pads, and going out and hitting. It helps you get ready for the first game, more than just going in helmets. It was great first training camp here with the Raiders and I'm looking forward to the next one."

Cornerback TJ Carrie

"I think the grind was good. It was definitely needed for everyone to get on the same page. I think the first game of the preseason really allowed everyone to get a feel for hitting someone else besides our team, and really being able to go out there and showcase yourself, your talents, your ability, your effort. I think that is one of the things that has built up our offense, our defense, and especially our special teams. It's been good. It was definitely needed."

Quarterback Derek Carr

"Camp, no matter what, is always a grind. Obviously the two-a-days are different. It's a walk-through and those kinds of things, but it's always a grind physically and mentally, emotionally as we have all seen with everybody. That's always going to happen. I will say this, camp was fun. It was a lot of fun. A lot of plays being made. Even when the defense would make a play on me, it sucks and I was mad and all that but at the end of the day, we talked about this, I was like, 'It's nice to see that.' Because they're that good. They're that talented. They cover that well or have a good blitz and those things. This camp was a lot of fun to see our team grow. It really was."

Cornerback Kenneth Durden

"My first camp, it was good. I came in learning the defense and working with everybody. I think it worked out well for me. All I'm trying to do is keep getting better and learning. Keep on grinding with my brothers."

Wide Receiver Andre Holmes

"I think it went pretty well. there's always some ups and downs when it comes to training camp that you have to fight through, whether we're talking injury, or soreness, but especially as a team as a whole, it was a great training camp, and for the receivers, it was also a very good training camp."

Kicker Giorgio Tavecchio

"It was awesome, having an idea of what to expect after last year's experience, which was also very positive, I had an idea of what was in store up here. It's a pretty cool set up, I try to encourage all the fans to come out if possible, and from a player's standpoint you're in football mode. I felt like I performed well. It's always great to be in this competitive environment, that's really hard to replicate."

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