Oakland Raiders: Week 11 Power Rankings

The Oakland Raiders fell at home 30-14 to the Minnesota Vikings Sunday afternoon at O.co Coliseum, dropping their overall record to 4-5.

The Silver and Black now have their sights set on a critical road matchup with the Detroit Lions, but before they travel to the Motor City, let's take a look at what the national media is saying about the team after their most recent performance.

Week 11 Ranking: 14

Week 10 Ranking: 13

Movement: Down 1

Analysis: The Raiders keep working in pairs this season. After losing the season opener, the Raiders won two, then lost two, then won two again and have now lost two again.

Week 11 Ranking: 20

Week 10 Ranking:14

Movement: Down 6

Analysis: The Raiders have allowed DeAngelo Williams and Adrian Peterson to combine for 373 rushing yards in the past two games.

Week 11 Ranking: 23

Week 10 Ranking: 13

Movement: Down 10

Week 11 Ranking: 12

Week 10 Ranking: 10

Movement: Down 2

Analysis: Compared to the last decade or so, the 2015 season has been much more fun, due to the Raiders not stinking up the joint. The NFL is better when Oakland is relevant. But this club isn't good enough yet to show up with its C game at home and expect to win. Derek Carr was out of sorts against the Vikings. The run defense was out of position. And, for now, the Raiders are out of the AFC wild-card mix. Much football is left to be played, but letting Adrian Peterson run up and down the field -- and letting Terence Newman run routes better than your receivers -- won't get it done.

Week 11 Ranking: 11

Week 10 Ranking: 11

Movement: **N/A


Analysis: Even with two straight losses, the Raiders could be a factor in the AFC.

Week 11 Ranking: 13

Week 10 Ranking: 13

Movement: N/A

Analysis: Next three foes are combined 8-19, giving them opportunity to build momentum toward date with flagging Broncos.

Week 11 Ranking: 12

Week 10 Ranking: 11

Movement: Down 1

Analysis: Probably clear they're a year away. They can still rally, but Sunday's game is the kind of one the Raiders needed to win to be a playoff team.

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