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Oakland Raiders: Week 16 Power Rankings

The Oakland Raiders returned home to Coliseum and lost to Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers 30-20 Sunday afternoon, dropping their record to 6-8.

Although they were officially eliminated from postseason play with the loss, the Raiders still have much to play for, and next up on the schedule for them is a home date with the San Diego Chargers in what will be Charles Woodson's final game at Coliseum.

That being said, before the Raiders take the field again, let's quickly look back and see what the national media is saying about the team following their loss to the Packers.

Week 16 Ranking: 14

Week 15 Ranking: 14

Movement: N/A

Analysis: The Raiders were eliminated from the playoffs on Sunday, but Amari Cooper posted the first 1,000-yard receiving season for the Raiders since Randy Moss in 2005.

Week 16 Ranking:17

Week 15 Ranking: 15

Movement: **Down 2


Analysis: Going toe to toe with the Green Bay Packers and losing is not the moral victory that it might have been in 2014. The Raiders will have a ton of salary cap space this offseason, and you can expect them to sure up their secondary as their first order of business.

Week 16 Ranking: 13

Week 15 Ranking: 12

Movement: Down 1

Analysis:  It's happened to pro football's elite -- everyone in that class. Joe Montana endured stinker games (see: 1985 playoffs). Dan Marino, too (see: 1999). John Elway had a whole slew of them his first three years in the league. So while Derek Carr was not on top of his game Sunday -- being off on several throws, including two interceptions -- realize this: He's only in his second pro season. The Raiders' young quarterback has ascended the ranks much more hastily than many league observers would've envisioned, thus creating surprise when we see him struggle. Next up: Chargers.

Week 16 Ranking: 14

Week 15 Ranking: 12

Movement: Down 2

Analysis: Charles Woodson leaving the Raiders hurts almost as much as the Raiders possibly leaving Oakland.


USA Today Sports**](

Week 16 Ranking: 15

Week 15 Ranking: 16

Movement: Up 1

Analysis: Might they score two major awards, Khalil Mack for defensive MVP and Amari Cooper for offensive rookie of the year?

Week 16 Ranking: 17

Week 15 Ranking: 18

Movement: Up 1

Analysis: Charles Woodson really is the type of player who epitomizes what's great about watching football. He gave us two decades of greatness.

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