Olson Encouraged by Last Week's Game


Q: What did you see from the carries that Latavius Murray got?**

Coach Olson:"I thought he looked good. He looked explosive, he looked strong, hitting the hole. I thought he made some good reads and you didn't have to see the big explosive run like we saw against the Chiefs, but he looked good. He looked fresh and he looked ready to go."

Q: Was it encouraging to see the running play such a role in controlling the game and the outcome?

Coach Olson:"Yeah, it was real encouraging. Any time you can get that kind of mixture and stay in the game plan. Part of that was being able to convert on third downs, that helped us stay in the game plan and defensively they obviously have been playing well and it just allowed us to do that. That's what we've been looking for, it's good to see, especially this late in the season and especially after what had occurred the week before. It was encouraging to see the way the guys responded."

Q: It must have been hard to have Donald Penn play in your back pocket all these years and not using it.

Coach Olson:"Yeah, it's got to kind of occur just based on the rules because if he doesn't score on the play, he's got to come out. So, you always have to have – you've got to be in close enough. Donald thinks he can score from 25 yards out if it's third-and-2 or three from the 25 yard line, he wants the call, but just kind of the right situation at the right time so it worked out that way."

Q: What do you mean if he doesn't score he has to come out?

Coach Olson:"He reports eligible, so if you've been in the game you report as eligible, the next play you can't go back in as ineligible so you would have to come out for a play and then go back in. We were prepared for that if he didn't score then we would go out there with a tackle as we did there and we would run a play accordingly that would fit there."

Q: What were the biggest improvements you saw from Derek Carr from the St. Louis game to this game?

Coach Olson:"Well I thought he was extremely accurate in the game last week and again, part of that was because of, I think he had a real clean pocket. I think the offensive line, tight ends, running backs and Derek were all a reason for that. I thought they did a great job in protection and protecting the quarterback and because of that he was able to kind of work through some of his progressions which we hadn't seen. His accuracy kind of jumped out last week and that was probably a big result of the protection up front."

Q: Are there some encouraging signs that you saw from Mychal Rivera?

Coach Olson:"Yeah, and I think again it's that whole, what we talk about, that trust factor between the quarterback and the receivers. In Mike's case, as a tight end there, I think they're just more comfortable with one another. I think that Derek is comfortable with how he's running routes and Derek is kind of again, getting a little bit better feel for the timing of the passing game and the progressions and the matchups that are involved there. I just think that throughout the year, each week, they've had a pretty good relationship there, the quarterback and that tight end, so that's helped him as well."

Q: The Chiefs have been giving up a lot of yards on the ground. Do you expect major adjustments from them because they know they have to get better against the run or do teams just usually get better by being fundamental and doing what they do?

Coach Olson:"I think probably more by being fundamentally sound. We tell all of our players on offense to keep a notebook of different coordinators, especially the ones that are in your division. We've done that over the years on their defensive coordinator and you're going to see a tweak or two in what he likes to do in terms of his pressures or different fronts that he may play versus different personnel groupings, but we kind of have a good picture of what the Kansas City Chiefs defense is and what they like to do. I don't think you'll see wholesale changes, they've got a good scheme obviously. I think he's probably just focusing more on their players doing the fundamentals better."

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