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Pat Sims: "It means a whole lot"


Q: The Chargers offensive line has gone through a lot of mixes and matches; what they have been able to do this year to keep Philip Rivers upright and give him time to get rid of the ball?**

Sims:"They've been doing a pretty good job of blocking and running the ball and mixing it up a little bit and keeping us off balance and stuff. They're a pretty good offense."

Q: This is the second time this season you've played the Chargers. Is there anything you can take away from the first game?

Sims:"Of course. You learn some stuff from the first game and you learn some stuff that they like to do and stuff like that, but at the same time they can switch it up. You just have to be ready for anything that they come with. Just like we're preparing for them, they're preparing for us. It's going to be a good match-up."

Q: Last season in San Diego you had that big game; what do you think led to that?

Sims:"I guess it was just my day. Hopefully it's my day again. I've been searching for one of those games, but at the same time I'm just going to go out there and give my best effort and help this team hopefully get their first victory."

Q: What do you think the key is this week to getting over that hump and getting that first win of the year?

Sims:"We have to do better on third down. We just have to put pressure on the quarterback and we just have to play as a whole team instead of being good in some places and bad in some places. As a team you just have to be clicking."

Q: This is a rivalry game, so what does this game mean?

Sims:"It means a whole lot. It's a game, regardless of who it is, it's going to be a rivalry whenever you play a team. They're in our division so it's a pretty big game. You don't want to just lose two times to the same team in your division. You at least want to go even, but we're going out there to win regardless."

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