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Q&A with Derek Carr

Q: How are you feeling?

Carr:"We're just going through all the protocols that we're supposed to now and seeing where that gets us come Friday."

Q: Did you ever have one [a concussion] at Fresno State?

Carr:"I've never had one ever, so it was a little scary for me. It is what it is. Obviously I'm feeling a lot better now than I was then, so I'm looking forward to just taking it day by day. Obviously it's a slow process and just progressing as the week goes on."

Q: You were at a level today where you could put a helmet on and do some things, so the progress is good?

Carr:"Yeah, progress is going great. That's what is great for us, and for me. At least that the progress with what's going on has been fast and it's going good. Hopefully I'll keep passing those tests and doing things right."

Q: The ribs are all good too?

Carr:"Yeah, that's just football. That's going to be there, but we'll be okay."

Q: Initially were the ribs more of a concern when it first happened? You seemed like you were pointing to the ribs.

Carr:"When it first happened, yeah for sure, and then as it went on it was something that, without getting into too much detail; I knew it wasn't right. Now, my head feels great. Obviously, like I said, we're taking it slow, which is obviously how I would want to do it. I have a son that I'm trying to hang out with for the rest of my life, so we're going to take it slow and all those things.  The ribs, that's just part of football. I've played hurt a lot. I can play through that, as long as my head's good then I'll be good."

Q: How would you assess the way you played before the injury?

Carr:"I'm starting to obviously get a better feel for things. It's only my second game. I have a long ways to go, but I felt good seeing the coverages, seeing what the defenses were doing, being able to get in and out of the huddle, do those things and just move the ball down the field. Just trying my best to put points on the board."

Q: You seemed pretty excited about the touchdown pass too…

Carr:"I'm very passionate. No matter what, if we ran it in or threw it in, I'm going to get pretty excited. It's hard work out there, so I get pretty passionate."

Q: Is it nice to get some time with the first-team line?

Carr:"Yeah, that was really cool. That was great. When they said, 'Hey, you're in,' and those things and they said, 'Hey, go get some snaps with Wiz [Stefen Wisniewski,' I kind of knew after that I would get some reps with him. It was exciting. I was screaming out plays. I was way too loud, they told me to calm down a little bit. It was great though. It was a good experience to be in there with them, and like I said, it's only the second game, we have a long ways to go to get better."

Q: The fan reaction was positive? It was your first time playing out there in Oakland, what was all that like?

Carr:"It was cool. I'd never been to the stadium either before. To play on the dirt in the preseason, like we do, it was all cool. Stuff you see on TV, now you're doing it kind of a thing, so it was great. Our fans are amazing. I've said it plenty of times, especially on twitter, I think we have the best fans around. It was great to finally get out there and play in front of them."

Q: Will you take the field in Green Bay?

Carr:"We'll see. I'm not going to answer those questions, that's for Coach [Dennis] Allen to discuss and all those things, but right now for me, they tell me just every day that we have a process we're going through and we'll take it from there. I just know that it's going good and so we'll see."

Q: You're always pointing out things that you don't like about how you played, was there anything that really stuck in your craw from Friday?

Carr:"Yeah, the first throw that I had, I missed it down the seam, and that bugged me because I was so juiced. I was so amped up. I just wasn't trusting my footwork. I had to finally say, 'Okay, calm down dude.' I was too excited. I finally calmed down and was able to play somewhat how I wanted to, but obviously that first one I always want to hit. I want to hit every throw, so I'm going to be hard on myself."

Q: You've said that nerves don't really factor in, when you went through it, were they there or not?

Carr:"I just get excited. I'm so juiced. It's like getting in a fight. Guys are out there trying to knock your head off, but to get out there for the first time, to get that throw out of the way and then calm down and start playing football, it was good."

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