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Q&A with DJ Hayden

Q: We were asking you for days leading up to the game what it was going to feel like when you finally got to get out and hit somebody, so what did it feel like?

Hayden: It felt good. It felt awesome. It felt awesome just to get out there and just relieve some stress I had. Felt good to go out there…I'm good. I'm ready for the next one.

Q: After watching film, how do you think you did?

Hayden: I did all right. We have a lot of work to do, a long way to go, but I just want to go out there and get better each and every game.

Q: It seemed like you were a little rusty coming in, did you feel that way?

Hayden: Yeah, a little rusty. I have to get used to that dirt, but I guess that happens sometimes. I just have to get better, learn from this game and try to do better next game.

Q: Seemed like after the first series you sort of calmed down and made a couple plays?

Hayden: Yeah, after I got some contact got some plays come my way. I calmed down and just started playing.

Q: You seem like a calm guy, but were there nerves there?

Hayden: There were some emotions when I took the field, but just had to get them out of the way and I'll be all right.

Q: I saw you on the sidelines having conversations with teammates. What were your teammates telling you when you came back?

Hayden: It was like, 'Let's go. You're here for a reason, let's do it. Go out there and make some plays.'

Q: On that first pass, were you a little anxious, the one you kind of missed the tackle there?

Hayden: Was I anxious? I was anxious to get to him, but I was out-leveraged a little bit, took a bad angle. But you learn from it and never do it again.

Q: Do you feel overall that it was a positive step forward in your battle for the starting spot?

Hayden: It's definitely a step forward because I got my first game, one game, under my belt. We still have to come out here and compete and I'm just trying to come out here and just get better and just learn from the mistakes I made. Just try not to make them again. Go out here and win.

Q: You talked about the flap? Did you wear the flap under your pads?

Hayden: Yes I did wear the flap. I didn't look as fat as I thought I was going to. They taped my jersey down a little bit, but I still looked good out there.

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