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Q&A with Mike Goodson

Q: How are you feeling?

Mike Goodson: I'm feeling good. I'm getting back, rehabbing, and starting to feel like myself again.

Q: What exactly is the injury? They said the MRI was negative, the serious stuff was ruled out. So what are you battling through specifically?

Mike Goodson: I have little soreness in my neck. It's like having a crick in your neck when you wake up in the morning. A little more intense than that, but that is pretty much it.

Q: How much of a relief was it when you got the test results back that it wasn't anything more serious?

Mike Goodson: It felt great. Sitting in that bed and them telling you not to move was pretty difficult for an athlete but once it came back and they said everything was negative it made me feel good.

Q: We talked to [Philip] Wheeler, when you were down you said I can't get up and then he knew something was wrong; the instance that you said that, can you run us through that?

Mike Goodson: I mean it's like any play, you go hard, it's not anything on Philip, he is just a football player playing football and he hit somebody. So when I laid there, immediately it was just a hit. So I tried to get up and I couldn't. I couldn't feel my neck. It was pretty tough.

Q: It must be scary when they don't want you to move or anything and then the ambulance coming. Have you been through anything like that before?

Mike Goodson: Not really, not to that extreme. All I can say is that I had the guys helping me. I had Taiwan Jones next to me, Richard Seymour, I could hear their voices talking and it kind of helped.

Q: You were at the hospital for almost four hours; did you feel it a little bit more the next morning?

Mike Goodson: It was more that day. Once I got up the next morning it was more just sore, working through the soreness. And the training staff is great with the massages and working all the soreness out.

Q: When you got home did the basically just send you to bed? Or did they do some work on you that night?

Mike Goodson: No, they just sent me in and told me to rest and the next morning we worked it slow, massages and worked neck muscles and stuff like that.

Q: Do you have any idea of when you will be back? Any time soon?

Mike Goodson: As soon as I can. As soon as they give me the green light to go I am ready to go.

Q: Have they given you a target?

Mike Goodson: No sir.

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