Q&A with Offensive Coordinator Bill Musgrave


Bill Musgrave's first coaching job in the NFL was as the Raiders quarterbacks coach in 1997. He returns as the team's offensive coordinator under new Raiders Head Coach Jack Del Rio.

Q: How did you end up as Oakland's offensive coordinator and did you come out here for an interview?

Coach Musgrave:"I definitely did, Scott (reporter). I was contacted last week by [Head Coach] Jack [Del Rio], and so we've had some discussions over the last few days. I got out to Oakland on Monday and had a chance to sit down with both he and Mike Tice."

Q: What is it about the opportunity to work with Jack Del Rio again made this job enticing?

Coach Musgrave:"The two years I worked with Jack before were tremendously productive; I learned a lot. Jack is very structured, very regimented, organized, aggressive. [They] really [were] two of the best years of my life, professionally. I had the chance to continue on and I jumped at the chance."

Q: Would you say you're a run-first coordinator or more balanced? How would you describe yourself?

Coach Musgrave:"Well, it probably depends on the players, Bill (reporter). I'm definitely not going to come in with a system and force anybody to do something that's not natural. We're definitely going to try to customize and tailor the Raiders' system to fit the Raider players. Philosophically, I do believe in running the football. I definitely want to be a physical outfit that runs the ball and imposes their will on the defense. At the same time, it's difficult to defend through the passing game and through being diverse."

Q: What did you learn working with Chip Kelly this past year? How much of what he does will be incorporated into your offense?

Coach Musgrave:"The last 12 months have been terrific for me to see the system here in Philadelphia – be a part of it, be a contributor. We're going to do quite a bit if it fits what the players can do there in Oakland. We're looking forward to getting out on the field in the spring and really finding out where their strengths lie. We talked about tailoring our system to fit them, but I've got a hunch that a lot of the things we did here in Philadelphia will match up real nice and be effective."

Q: What are your impressions of Derek Carr and how enticing was that, to come out and work with a young quarterback?

Coach Musgrave:"The presence of Derek was definitely a factor. I think a number of coaches have expressed interest in being Jack's offensive coordinator, and I know he talked to a number of people, and one of the main reasons would be the presence of Derek Carr. I think he had a terrific career at Fresno, presented himself in a real positive way through the pre-draft process last spring and I think the entire league has high hopes for Derek, and he didn't let anybody down when he got a chance to get on the field this fall."

Q: Correct me if I'm wrong, but after your two years with Jack Del Rio in Jacksonville, you were let go. That was not a problem this time around? You guys kept a good relationship?

Coach Musgrave:"We did. It was a difficult time for me. I learned a lot. I think you learn more from when you stub your toe than you do from your triumphs. Quarterbacks learn a lot more from their interceptions than they do from their touchdown passes. I've tried to do a good job of learning from my mistakes over the years, whether it be in Jacksonville or with Washington, Atlanta, Minnesota or here in Philadelphia, and applying those lessons as I go forward to improve each and every day."

Q: So there are no hard feelings at all between you and Del Rio after you were fired?

Coach Musgrave:"No, Jack and I are always pulling in the same direction. We had some real positive times there in Jacksonville. I think we went 9-7 our second year, won four games on the road. I really learned a lot. I sure wish we would have won enough or won the tiebreaker to get in the tournament that year, but it didn't work out. Jack's very competitive, just as I am, so I definitely understood the decision."

Q: How involved are you going to be in assembling the rest of your offensive staff?

Coach Musgrave:"Jack indicated that I would be involved and we had some discussions yesterday after I was hired. We're going to continue to work through that this week along with Mike Tice and continue to put the staff together, as you indicated."

Q: What are your impressions of Latavius Murray?

Coach Musgrave:"Very positive, very positive impressions. Tremendous size and speed. Had a super career, of course, in Orlando. Looking forward to getting out on the field with him and finding out what he's all about. Finding out where his strengths are so we can tailor our run game to be right up his alley."

Q: Will you be trying to bring on a quarterbacks coach or will you be more hands on with Derek yourself?

Coach Musgrave:"I think we'll have a team approach there with Derek. But, after talking with Jack, I think we do intend to bring in a quarterbacks coach. As you can imagine, Jack is a tremendous athlete, grew up there in Hayward. I rely a lot on Jack with our offensive principles. He knows quite a bit about offensive and especially quarterbacks. We'll all tag team Derek and make sure he's well-versed."

Q: How involved on game day was Jack with the offense or is that something he mostly left to you?

Coach Musgrave:"It's definitely a team effort. Jack is involved in every aspect of the team. Whether it be during the week preparation or on game day, he's right there with us. We're all pulling in the same direction, that's for sure."

Q: Did you ever work with Derek Carr in any pre-draft workouts last year?

Coach Musgrave:"Not directly. I was at Fresno at his pro day and watched [New York Giants quarterbacks coach] Mike Sullivan conduct the workout of course. He had a terrific day that day. I talked with his older brother, who I'm familiar with because of his time in the league. It was a terrific day there in Fresno last spring prior to the draft. I was glad that I was there."

Q: What do you remember about your first year coaching with the Raiders?

Musgrave:"I remember it being an exciting time. Jeff George was playing. Rickey Dudley at tight end and of course James Jett and Tim Brown. Napoleon Kaufman had some excellent games running the football. A lot of good men on that staff. I was just starting out so I was trying to learn a lot and be a sponge as best I could while learning the ropes."

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