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Q and A with Darren McFadden


On the offense relying on the running game:

McFadden: "We have coaches that just try to get the ball in some of the playmakers' hands. A lot of the guys in the backfield are our playmakers, so they're going to try to get the ball to us, and we're going to step up to the occasion and do whatever it takes."

On the quarterback competition:

McFadden: "It's been a lot of quarterbacks; I've been on the field with six quarterbacks, maybe even seven. [QB Matt] Flynn's been coming in and doing a great job. He's going out there and going through the progressions, making the right reads, and he's getting us in the right plays to go out there and be successful."

On Flynn's leadership:

McFadden: "He does a great job just coming in there and stepping into the huddle. You can just feel it from him when he steps into the huddle and calls the play out."

On the team scheming around his skills:

McFadden: "It feels great. I feel like I'm a downhill runner, and that's something the coaches see, also. Nobody's getting into a gap-scheme offense; being able to get downhill, they feel like that suits me a lot more. I'm looking forward to it. It's one thing that the O-line, they've been doing a great job of, getting on a double-team and opening holes up."

On the upcoming season:

McFadden: "Last year is last year, so we put that behind us. We have a lot of new faces here and a new offensive scheme, so that's a lot of new things going on. We're not concerning ourselves with what went on last year, we're just looking forward to this year."

On the most impressive part of the offense so far:

McFadden: "Just looking at it as a unit, I feel like our offensive line has been doing a great job up front, just going out there and firing off the ball. I know right now we're just in shorts and helmets but just seeing those guys going out there, fire off the ball, and work their techniques has been great."

On his confidence in the offense:

McFadden: "I'm very confident in our offense. The quarterback situation, O-line, receivers, everything about our offense, I have a lot of confidence in. We have a lot of guys that are coming back so I feel like those guys are going to go out there and do a great job for us."

On WR Jacoby Ford's return to health:

McFadden: "I'm a guy who can relate to that, so I just tell him to go out there, keep your head up and play your game. You know what you can do when you're on the field so you can't concern yourself with things you can't control, you just have to go out there and play your game when you're on the field."

On his comfort in offensive coordinator Greg Olson's scheme:

McFadden: "For me, I love a downhill scheme, so I'm very confident about it. Just being able to go out there and get going downhill, I feel like that's one of my strong points."

On Olson and assistant head coach/offensive line coach Tony Sparano:

McFadden: "Those guys, they've been doing a great job. They understand what we have here in the backfield and they understand the strong points for our running backs, so they've just been doing a great job with getting us in the right situations and just trying to get the ball into the playmakers' hands."

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