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QB Derek Carr Conference Call

Q: Did you have a good feel about the Raiders from the beginning of the whole process?

Carr:"I did. I knew how they felt about me. They were very open with that. So, I didn't know when it was going to be, but as soon as I saw them coming back up, I didn't know what they were going to do or if they were going to do it, but I am glad that they did."

Q: When you were talking during the combine, you were saying that perception of the national media was different than what you were hearing from the teams you were speaking with. Is this essentially what they were telling you about where you would be taken?

Carr: "Honestly, it could have been anything. It just depended on what they did in the first round. Getting into all the scenarios would obviously take forever, but there was a lot of high grades. But it happens to be that it took an extra day. But I couldn't be more happy."

Q: Do you care about staying in California, not far away from where you grew up?

Carr: "I am happy to be in California, so happy. Honestly, I'm a football player. I'll play anywhere, but the fact that it's in Oakland, I can't tell you how happy I am."

Q: Do you come in hoping to compete for a starting job as a rookie?

Carr: "That's for the coaches to decide. I'm going to be the same person every day. I am going to come in … The coaches know who they are getting, and I told them, 'I appreciate you calling and you know what you're getting.' I am going to come in and work, compete and try and make the team better. I'm not a selfish guy, that's for sure. I can't wait to get coached by those coaches."

Q: At the combine you said that have been NFL game film since you were 12. Is that an exaggeration or is that the case?

Carr: "No, I don't lie. That's the truth. I really have. I've been watching film with my brother since I was 12. Before that, it was college. It was NFL film when I was 12. I was watching that with him the whole time. I am so excited that I'll be able to be watching film for an NFL team."

Q: How much has watching David and seeing what David went through helped prepare you for what you are going to go through in the NFL?

Carr: "Oh my goodness, it's such a blessing. I learned everything that he did right, everything that he did wrong. He told me that if he could do anything, he hopes that he made the path smoother for me as a transition into the NFL."

Q: What does it mean to be a Raider?

Carr: "Oh my gosh, it means everything. I am so happy. My uncle [Lon Boyett] was a Raider. I can't remember when off the top of my head right now, but he was a tight end for the Raiders when Coach [John] Madden was the coach. So, it's been in my blood for awhile. Especially being in the valley, being from Fresno, there are definitely a lot of Raider fans that I run into."

Q: Were you a Raider fan growing up?

Carr:"My family was. When I started really watching football, David was already starting to get into Houston. When I saw what was going on, he was already at Houston. My brothers growing up had Raiders shirts and Raiders jackets.

Q: When David went through the process of the draft, you knew where he was going a few days before. How much different was this process of waiting and not knowing?

Carr:"Yeah, you just sit there and wait for your phone to ring. It's weird. You hope it rings with every pick that goes by, but I've got to be honest, the way it worked out, the place that I'm going with the players and coaches that I'll be around, I couldn't be happier."

Q: What was your impression of Greg Olson and the system they're going to run?

Carr:"The first time I met him, we went over protections. He would teach me the protection and I would spit it right back to him. Whether that was really their stuff or not, who knows. I'll find out here real soon if it was. My impression of him was that he wants to win and he wants to work. That's everything that I'm about."

Q: About the only knock I saw about you from the scouts was the offense that you played in, because of all of the one-step drops. What's your response to that?

Carr:"I have no response. I'm just excited to get coached by these NFL coaches, by Coach 'Flip' [John DeFilippo], Coach [Dennis] Allen and Coach [Greg] Olson. I don't respond to that stuff. Me, I just keep my head down and I work. If it works out on the field, then great. If not, I'm going to watch film and I'm going to correct it and I'm going to move forward. I've dealt with too much adversity in my life, with my son and my family to let anything that anyone has to say about me as a football player to affect me."

Q: Will you be OK if you do have to take a backseat to Matt Schaub for a couple of years?

Carr:"With them selecting me, I know their thoughts. They want me to come in, work hard, and compete. Whenever I'm the quarterback, then great. To me, it doesn't matter what the situation is. If I'm a starter, if I'm a backup there to learn, my number one goal is to help the Raiders win. I'm going to do that. If I'm the starter, I'm going to do that on the field, do my best to help them win. If I'm the backup, my role doesn't change. I'm still going to help the team win. How can I help Schaub during the game? How can I help him? Can I watch the safety? Can I watch the corners? Can I tell them they played this coverage? When we were in this coverage, they ran this blitz and this down and distance. What can I do to help? All I want to do in Oakland is help the team win."

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